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Salim Habib University (Barrett Hodgson University) SHU Karachi Admission 2024

All About Salim Habib University (Former Barrett Hodgson University Admission 2024
This Salim Habib University is a name of innovation and collaboration. It is recognized by HEC Higher education commissions and admission 2024 are started over here. You can visit their site, to get complete information about their admissions. Transport and other information is also mentioned and available on their official website address. Read details of Salim Habib University Karachi SHU admission 2024 from here.


Why To Choose Salim Habib University SHU Karachi?
This university offer state of the art facilities to its students. They are equally involved and focused on their academic activities as well as in their extra curricular activities. For need based scholarships, financial assistance scholarships, this assistance will be given to limited students. For meritorious and well deserving and topper students, they have scholarships for them. Terms and too conditions too apply on these need based and merit based scholarships.



Niche Programs In Salim Habib University Karachi 
In their Salim Habib University SHU admission 2024, they are offering niche programs too in the categories of Biomedical engineering and biomedical chemistry. Degree programs of biosciences and environmental sciences, micro biology and computer sciences, business administration and pharmaceutical sciences. These niche programs are being offered in Salim Habib University BHU Karachi. Their niche programs are well recognized by PEC Pakistan engineering council. This university is waiting for its approval from Pakistan Pharmacy council.



How To apply For SHU Karachi Admission 2024?
Visit their site and read about their admission details. Website official address is:



Competitive Edge Of SHU University Karachi 
This university promote excellent career opportunities in the fields of Food Sciences and Hospital and Laboratory Research. Career opportunities in Water Industry field and Sewerage Disposal field, areas of Treatment Plants and Soil Analysis fields, students can have many career prospects and opportunities related to fields of Aqua Culture. Programs of Biochemistry and Biosciences, degree programs of Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, they have gained exceptional recognition in Pakistan. Their emphasis and focus is always on project based kind of learning. Holistic and complete understanding of business operations and scientific operations are provided by their faculty and staff. Students are facilitated so that they can appear with confidence in the professional examinations like ACCA, CFA, ICAP, CIMA.



Faculties Of SHU University Karachi
They have 9 niche programs and their details are:
Faculty of engineering: It offers degree program of BE in biomedical engineering.
Faculty of science: It offers degrees in BS in biochemistry, BS in biosciences, BS in microbiology and BS in environmental sciences.
Faculty of pharmacy: This faculty offers degree of Pharmacy D.
Faculty of Information technology: Students can register for BS in computer science program which is a part of this faculty.
Faculty of management sciences: Students can apply in their BBA business administration program or BS in accounting and finance program


So tune and sign into the site of SHU university and get more details for their Salim Habib University SHU admission 2024. Register in their programs. Registration and admission process is going on and hurry up and apply in this academically professional university of Pakistan.



Salim Habib University (Barrett Hodgson University) SHU Karachi Admission 2024


Salim Habib University (Barrett Hodgson University) SHU Karachi Admission 2024