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BDS & MBBS in Iran-Study Abroad Guide For Pakistani Students

How to Get BDS or MBBS Degree From Iran-Study Abroad Guide For Pakistani Students
Many well deserving Pakistani students could not find their seat and have their admission in any public or private medical colleges of Pakistan. In Pakistan medical universities, seats are limited and number of students who apply, they are huge in quantity. So how can these well deserving students can be adjusted in the field of medicine? Those students who could not qualify for seat of public and private medical colleges in Pakistan, they can complete their MBBS education in Iran. It is the dream of maximum students to become doctor. Because of limited seats and because of limited in number of medical colleges in Pakistan, their wish of becoming a doctor gets ruined. But Iran medical colleges and universities are offering admission to Pakistani students now. Fees of these Iran medical colleges is quite less as compared to the fee structure of Pakistan medical colleges. So what is the exact study abroad process to enroll in Iran medical colleges and what are their admission requirements, details are here below?

Study in Iran-MBBS & BDS Admission Requirements
For doing MBBS or BDS in Iran medical college, students from Pakistan should have excellent scoring in their FSC pre medical exam papers. A-level students can apply as well.
Your degrees should be properly attested. Complete documents should be presented by you at the time of admission processing cycle.

BDS & MBBS in Iran-Study Abroad Guide For Pakistani Students

BDS & MBBS in Iran-Study Abroad Guide For Pakistani Students

Iran medical colleges have put no age requirement for their MBBS/BDS programs. Students of any age can do their MBBS or BDS from their medical and dental colleges. There is no restriction of age limit for the Pakistani students.

As Iran will be your host country so it is much advisable for the Pakistani students that they should learn local and native language of this country. Apart from completing your MBBS program, it will be golden chance for you to learn about local taste and art, culture and life style of the people of Iran and this is possible if you will learn and understand their local language. You are recommended to complete the Persian language course from any Khana-e-Farhang Iran.  It will leave a good impact both on your university and visa officer. 

Pre-Deporting Orientation
Students who will be completing their admission process, they should take this pre-deporting orientation process. Through this orientation, students will know in detail about terms and policies, guidelines and rules about their host country.

Fee Structure Information of Medical Colleges in Iran
Those Pakistani students who wish to complete their BDS or  MBBS in Iran, they note that fee structure of medical colleges in Iran vary. Their tuition fee figures and their hostel fee figures vary from one medical college to another one medical college. In Iran, medical colleges have certain ratings. They are ranked on the basis of their quality. Like in Pakistan, HEC Higher Education Commission rank universities and colleges of Pakistan. In same way, Iran has also its education commission that rank its medical universities. It is better to visit official links and official sites of medical colleges of Iran. On their sites, they update their tuition fee structure and hostel free structure on timely basis.
Stay tuned and further guide of doing and completing MBBS/BDS in Iran will be shared. Search about their medical colleges and you will easily find one sensible medical college for yourself. Visit our study abroad category frequently and read our following articles on study abroad too.

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