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Beaconhouse University BNU Lahore Admission 2023

Beaconhouse National University Lahore BNU Admission 2023
This private and liberal arts university which is Beaconhouse University BNU Lahore , admissions are open and announce from their side. Details of BNU admission 2023 proceedings are written and published on this page. This university was founded in 2003 year and it is the parent company which is Beaconhouse School system which created this university. It is for the fields of visual design and arts that this university BNU offers degree programs. Their programs are attached to liberal arts field, computer and information technology field as well as with mass communication field too. Their Mariam Dawood school is about the studies of visual arts and design. It is the oldest one BNU school and it has seven departments in it. Now the applicants can check the information that which BNU programs have open admissions this time:



In Which Program Applicants Can Apply in Beaconhouse University BNU Lahore Admission 2023 Phase?
In their Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts And Design, application can be submitted in BFA in visual arts program, bachelors in visual communication design, bachelors in fashion and fiber studies, bachelors in textile and fiber studies, bachelors in jewelery and accessory design program.



In their Razia Hassan school of architecture, you can do bachelor studies linked to the architecture field. Their school of liberal arts and social sciences, students can register in the bachelor program of liberal studies. You can do your major in liberal studies and your minor can be done in media studies or in theater, film and TV studies.



This Beaconhouse National University school of media and communication, they have open these registrations for the students so that they can pick out bachelor program in any subject of social sciences by doing the major in subject of media studies. MA in mass communication, MS in public relations and advertising, MS in film and television, these options for all students are open too.


This Beaconhouse University has their school of business and students can register and submit their specific form in these categories like BSc honors in economics, BSc honors by doing the double majors in economics and finance.



Their institute of psychology, registration can be done in BSc applied psychology program or in MS clinical and counseling psychology program or in M.Phil applied psychology program.



Introduction of Beaconhouse National University BNU LahoreĀ 
This university promising school is their school of architecture. From this SA school, you can do your 5 years of undergraduate studies in the field of architecture. This school was founded in 2004 year. Their school of mass communication and media, it is an accredited school and it has department of theater and department of film and television, department of journalism in it. Their SLASS school which is Seeta Majeed school of liberal sciences and liberal arts, its department of liberal arts offers BA studies in different social sciences courses and subjects.


Good luck for Beaconhouse National University admissions. You can still apply inĀ Beaconhouse university because deadline is not announced by this Beaconhouse university.


Beaconhouse University BNU Lahore Admission 2023



Beaconhouse University BNU Lahore Admission 2023