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Best Income Tax & Sales Tax Return Filing Services in Lahore 2023-24

Best Income Tax & GST Consultants in Punjab-City Tax Advisers
City Tax Advisers Lahore provides reliable income tax & sales tax return filing services both for businessmen and salaried class. This company charges very reasonable fee for its tax related services. Head office of the City Tax Advisers is situated in Lahore but it provide its services for all areas of Pakistan. Clients from outside Lahore can contact through email Take appointment by calling at 03234777348. Visit the office situated at 342-D Shad Bagh Lahore after getting appointment for meeting.


Best Income Tax & Sales Tax Return Filing Services in Lahore 2019-20

Best Income Tax & Sales Tax Return Filing Services in Lahore 2023-24

Just experienced lawyer and tax consultants can resolve you all issues related to income tax and sales tax. City tax advisers Lahore has experience of more than 20 years. Here senior lawyers of high court and highly qualified accountants provide you professional advice. City Tax Advisers deals with small and medium scale companies, business houses, salaried class, lecturers, non resident Pakistanis, engineers, doctors, teachers, IT experts and all kind of professionals. Owners of all kinds of businesses can contact the tax consultants of City Tax advisers like transporters, brokerage houses, real estate agents, educational institutes, manufacturing industry, wholesalers, retailers, NGO / NPO and social welfare organizations.


Confidentially and professionalism are key features of this organizations. Company registration services are also provided. Special discount is given to public and private sector employees on filling annual income tax returns. Here clients are also educated about tax laws. Emphasis is given on clients satisfaction. City Tax Advisers can save your income tax and sales tax within the legal frame work. Initial advice is given free of cost.


List of Tax Services
1-Income Tax Registration Services
2-NTN & STRN Registration
3-Income Tax Return Filing Services
4-Amendment in Income Tax Registration (Changing of Mobile Number, Email ID etc)
5-Company Registration Services
6-Monthly Income Tax Return Filing Services
7-Sales Tax GST Registration
8-Compliance of Notices
9-Monthly Sales Tax Return Filing Services
10-Wealth Statement Filing
11-Compliance Income Tax Audit
12-All the issues related to audit, book keeping, trade mark, logo, copyright, firm & NGO registration etc