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Best Indoor Plants, Benefits, Tips (Intro in Urdu & English)

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Every single person wants to have their home be filled with the greenery and vegetation all the time to have a feel of fresh air as they entered in their home. But just like you give your health the best attention for a better lifestyle, in the same way you should be giving your plants the best growth and attention as well. You need to look after them so much. A little attention will make them look so much fresh and healthy for you. On this page we shall introduce you with the best indoor plants in Pakistan.



Aloe vera
The use of aloe vera has become so much popular due to its medical benefits to the human body. The suitable gel found in the aloe vera is not just beneficial for the skin beauty but is also effective for treating certain health issues. You can easily make this plant to be located either inside the home or even in outdoor garden areas as well. You can either buy its seeds or grow it on your own or you can also purchase the small money plant based aloe vera as well. You just have to water this plant when the mud is extremely dry.


Lemon grass
Lemon grass is another top leading indoor plants, which you can easily locate in your home indoor areas. Besides offering you with the health benefits, this indoor plant is a lot effective for keeping the mosquito and pests away from your home. In order to take care of this plant, you should always keep it in direct sunlight.



Money Plant
Another most top recommended indoor plant has been money plant. This plant is famously known for welcoming finances in your home. But apart from it, this plant is also effective for the air filtration and healthy oxygen in your home. It is available in the form of stem or branch which you can grow in both mud and water. It produces its food from the air and can also easily absorb all the harmful gases in the air. They probably take around 2 weeks for their proper growth.



Jet Plant
Next we have jet plant! This plant is the real sign of ambience and comfort in your home. It is based on small and smooth branches and stems. As compared to rest of the plants, it will take maximum time to get a better growth. In the daytime it should be kept in direct sunlight and in the night time it should be kept at normal room temperature. You don’t need to water it daily as it just demands for water when the mud is dry.



Rubber Plant
Last we have rubber plant! This plant is basically known for reducing the warmness from the room and keeping the room temperature all balanced. It is one of the most demanding indoor plants which you will definitely be finding in all the homes. In the daytime this plant should be kept in the sunlight and in the night time you can bring it inside the house. Make it part of your house right now!


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Peace Lily, Bird’s Nest Fern, Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, Dracaena, Pothos, Snake Plant are some other famous indoor plants. On this page you can also read details about top 5 best indoor plants in Urdu language.


Best Indoor Plants, Benefits, Tips (Intro in Urdu & English)


Best Indoor Plants, Benefits, Tips (Intro in Urdu & English)