Best Islamic Prayer & Wazaif in Urdu For Ramazan

Top Islamic Prayer & Wazaif in Urdu For Ramdan
On this page you can read some best Islamic prayers and wazaif in Urdu. You must recite these Islamic prayers and wazaif daily as per given time table. Islamic prayers and Islamic wazaif have great effects. You must recite these Islamic prayers and Islamic Wazaif with full belief on Almighty Allah. We have written a detailed article on the role of prayer in our success. You must read this article too. Islam is a complete code of life which guide us in all mattters of life. As per Islam Almighty Allah hears the prayers of his all creatures but one should follow the Islam with its true spirit for this.


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Salat-Ul-Tasbih and Salat-Ul-Tahajjud are two very important Islamic prayers. One should say these prayers too for one’s spiritual progress. Only recite the Islamic wazaif which has been recommended by the last Prophet of Almight Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). You must also try to recite as much holy Quran daily as you can. Try to understand the meaning of Holy Quran too. We recommend you to get the Holy Quran published by Quran Asan Tehrik. Quran Asan Tehrik has published the Holy Quran in two colors and its very easy to learn the meaning of Holy Quran through their two colors translation. 99 names of Almighty Allah can also solve all your problems.


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You should try to recite one name of Almighty Allah daily for as many time as you can. There is no alternative of regular reciting of complete Holy Quran and 99 names of Almighty Allah. All the wazaif and prayers given on this page become more effective in the holy month of Ramadan, Stay in touch with us and our facebook page for guidance about wazaif in Urdu for different occasions. May Almighty Allah accept your all prayers Ameen. Stay blessed always. Remember us too in your prayers.

Best Islamic Prayer & Wazaif in Urdu For Ramzan


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