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Best Mic For Making Youtube & Tiktok Videos (Review on 3 Mics)

Which is the Best Microphone For Youtubers & Tiktokers?

If you are a new youtuber or vlogger then you must try to improve the quality of your voice over in your videos. There are different kind of microphones available in the market for youtubers, but in this blog post we shall discuss cheap but quality mics for youtubers. If your budget is low then initially you may use a quality hand free for recording voice. Later on you may use Professional Lavalier Mic. Online it is available in about 500 rupees.


Best Mic For Making Youtube & Tiktok Videos (Review on 3 Mics)

 Professional Lavalier Mic

Professional Lavalier Mic
Professional Lavalier Mic is a cheapest high quality mic available in Pakistan. This mic is highly recommended for tiktokers and youtube shorts stars. For getting best result from this mic you need to install karaoke or recording software in your phone. It is compatible with iphone, ipod touch, android smart phone and windows devices. Professional Lavalier Mic is made in China. Try to buy it directly from Hall Road Lahore as it is being sold costly online.


Best Mic For Making Youtube & Tiktok Videos


Boya BY-M1 Mic
Boya BY-M1 Mic is the best mic for youtubers. it is available in about 2000 rupees. You may buy it online too. This mic is ideal for indoor use. It reduces the surrounding noise and voices automatically. You may also use this Boya BY-M1 Mic with DSLR. This mic is recommended for professionals. It works with video cammera, DSLR, mobile phones and PC. You may switch between DSLR and mobile phone mode with the help of just single button. In Pakistan majority of sellers are selling copy of Boya BY-M1 Mic. A+, A and B copies are being sold in low price, but you must buy the original Boya BY-M1 Mic as there is hell of difference between the quality of original and copies of Boya BY-M1 Mic. Kindly download open camera app and use it with Boya BY-M1 Mic for best result.



Boya BY-MM1 Mic
If you are a Vlogger or shoot maximum of your videos outside your studio then Boya BY-MM1 Mic is best suited to you. As it has been designed for outdoor voice recording. This mic has a special filter which reduces the voice of surrounding. Its price is almost double then Boya BY-M1 Mic. Remember that you can check the originality of Boya mics by scanning their security code given on box. Boya mics are also made in China.


My Personal Routine
I generally use no external mic while shooting my youtube videos. Open camera app is being used for improving the voice quality while using any Boya Mics, but this app reduces the quality of video and we need lot of lighting for improving the quality of our video. So i am not using any external mic now. I speak loudly white shooting and increases my voice in filmora X. For outdoor shooting i just shoot video then do voice over on this video in my studio with my smart phone. For interviews i still use Boya BY-M1 Mic as it is the best for this purpose.