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Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan-Dr Akhtar Ahmad, Books

Who is Dr Akhtar Ahmed? The Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker in Pakistan, Cell No, List of Books
Are you looking for a highly respected & renowned mind science expert and consultant in Pakistan? Look no further than Dr Akhtar Ahmad of Pakistan. He is a leading authority in the field of mind science, parapsychology & holistic health in Pakistan. With an impressive list of credentials & accomplishments, Dr Akhtar Ahmad has rightfully earned his reputation as 1 of the best in his field.


Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan-Dr Akhtar Ahmad, Books

Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan-Dr Akhtar Ahmad, Books


As an online homeopathic doctor, Dr Akhter Ahmad provides comprehensive consultations & treatments to individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being & overall health. His expertise encompasses various disciplines and this makes him a multi-faceted professional with a deep understanding of the human mind and body.



Dr Akhtar Ahmad Top Motivational Speaker & Mind Science Expert of Pakistan

Dr Akhtar Ahmad is not only a mind science expert but also a color therapist, alternative health consultant, scholar, best seller writer, acupressure expert & motivational speaker. This diverse background allows him to approach his clients’ needs from multiple angles, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to their well-being.



Books Written By Dr Akhter Ahmad-Complete List

With his vast knowledge & experience, Dr Akhter Ahmad has written an impressive collection of thirty life-changing books on mind science, men’s health, Islam, alternative treatments, self-help & homeopathy. Some books are in pipeline. You may buy these books by making a call on phone no given on this page. You be delivered the books of your choice via COD. Special concession is given on purchase of full set. These books serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking to gain a deeper understanding of these subjects & implement positive changes in their lives. Now we are going to give list of books written by Dr Akhter Ahmad;


Best Selling Books of Dr Akhter Ahmed

1-Suger Ka Hatma Mumkin He
2-Mardon Ki Achi Sehat Kay Lye Nihayiat Khass
3-Orat Ka Janat Mein Jana Asaan He
4-Mind Science
5-Treatment with Mind Science
6-Elaj Bilgaza
7-Zikr e Allah
8-Chehraa or Khubsurat Jild
9-Talash e Haque
10-Global Cyber War
11-Kamyabi Ki Chabi
12-Golden Revolution
13-Sehat Hzar Naiymat He
14-Kamyabi Kay 7 Sunehri Drjay
15-Galba e Islam
16-Quran Par Gor Q Nai Krtay
17-Universal Revolution
18-Alamgeer Jashen
19-Dunya Pr Konsa DIn Ghalib Aye Ga
20-Islam Ka Dunya Pr Bohat Jald Dobara Aroj
21-Dunya se Gurbat or Jahalat K Hatmy Ka Alamgeer Mansuba
22-Allah Ka Paigham Us K Bandon K Namm
23-Quran Ka Afaqi or Inqalabi Paighaam
24-Khushgwar Azdawaji Zindagi
25-Islam Deen e Fitrat He
26-Acupressue Tariqa Ilaj
27-Motapay Sai Nijat Payain
28-Hamesha Sehatmand oar Jawan Rahain
29-Jigar Ki Bimarion Ka Asan Ilaj
31-Global Healing System Treatment with 7 Natural Methods



CEO of Mind Masters & Golden Books

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr Dr Akhter Ahmad is the CEO of Mind Masters & Golden Books. Under his guidance, these organizations have flourished, dedicating themselves to empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to unlock their true potentials.



Global Youth Movement & Global Quran Movement

Furthermore, Dr Akhtar Ahmad is the esteemed Founder and Chairman of a global youth movement & global Quran movement. His commitment to inspiring & motivating the next generation is evident through his involvement in these initiatives. By providing guidance & support to young individuals, Dr Akhtar Ahmad is playing a vital role in shaping a brighter future.



Energy Treatment of Diabetes by Dr Akhtar Ahmad

One particularly noteworthy aspect of Dr Akhter Ahmed’s work is his unique approach to treating diabetes. Through energy treatment & acupressure techniques, he offers an alternative solution to managing this chronic condition. What sets Dr Akhtar Ahmed apart is his affordable fee structure, charging only 1000 rupees for his services. This accessibility ensures that individuals from all walks of life have the opportunity to seek his expertise. Same treatment is provided free of cost to deserving patients.



Career Counseling Services

Moreover, Dr Akhtar Ahmad’s dedication to education is evident through his commitment to provide free consultations to deserving students. By offering his guidance & expertise at no cost, he strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those who may not have had access otherwise.



Mobile Number of Dr Akhtar Ahmad

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr Akhtar Ahmad, simply call 0333-5242146. With his vast knowledge, extensive experience & genuine passion for helping others, Dr Akhtar Ahmed is the ideal choice for anyone seeking guidance in mind science, holistic health & overall well-being.



Final Words

In conclusion, Dr Akhtar Ahmad is a highly esteemed mind science expert & consultant in Pakistan. His outstanding credentials, extensive knowledge & impressive body of work make him a go-to resource for individuals seeking to achieve optimal mental and physical health. Whether you’re looking for guidance on mind science, holistic health or alternative treatments, Dr Akhtar Ahmad’s expertise is unmatched. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom & book your appointment today.


FAQs About Mind Science Expert Dr Akhtar Ahmad

Q: Who is Dr. Akhtar Ahmad?

A: Doctor Akhtar Ahmed is a renowned mind science expert and consultant in Pakistan. He is also an online doctor, colour therapist, holistic health consultant, scholar, author, acupressurist, motivational speaker & consultant.

Q: How can I make an appointment with Dr Akhtar Ahmad?

A: To make an appointment with Dr Akhtar Ahmad, please call 0333-5242146.

Q: How much does Dr Akhtar Ahmad charge for his services?

A: Dr Akhtar Ahmad charges just 1000 rupees for his services.

Q: Does Dr Akhter Ahmed provide free consultations?

A: Yes, Dr Akhtar Ahmad provides free consultations to deserving students and patients.

Q: How many books has Dr Akhtar Ahmad written?

A: Dr Akhtar Ahmed has written 30 books on various topics including mind science, men's health, Islam, seerat, health tips, alternative treatments, self-help and homeopathy.

Q: How does Dr. Akhter Ahmad treat diabetes?

A: Dr. Akhtar Ahmad uses energy treatment and acupressure techniques to treat diabetes.

Q: What roles does Dr Akhtar Ahmad hold?

A: Dr Akhter Ahmed is the CEO of Mind Masters and Golden Books. He is also the founder and chairman of a global youth movement and global Quran movement.

Q: What are Dr. Akhtar Ahmed's areas of expertise?

A: Dr Akhter Ahmad specializes in mind science, men's health, Islam, alternative treatments, self-help, and homeopathy.