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Best Strategy For Selected Studies

Best Method For Selected Studies
Selected studies is not a recommended strategy for students of any class in normal circumstances. But Some time due to some uncongenial circumstances students can not prepare their whole syllabus. In such a situation you may opt selected study option. But now the question arises that what is the best strategy for selected studies. There are different practices among students in this regard we shall discuss them one by one in this article.

Examiners tries to cover each part of syllabus in the paper and usually do not chose more than one question from each chapter. And you are also give choice in exams. So one strategy is to prepare first or last 3/4 part of text book/syllabus. In this way you will be able to attempt at least required number of questions. Some students prepare first or second half of text book. It is quite risky but still an option in case of very limited available time. Now the question arises which 3/4 part is better. Past papers shows that examiners concentrate more on first 3/4 part of text book.
Best Strategy For Selected Studies

Best Strategy For Selected Studies

Second strategy is to prepare at least  10 years past papers as its an human psychology that he tries to get an idea of important questions from past papers and as all of you know that paper setter are also human beings. So they consider the past pattern and most repeated questions too from past papers. It is also noted that paper setter consider the official model papers too. So don’t forget to prepare the questions from official model papers. We have written two articles on this topic, you must read them too i.e “How to Utilize Past Papers” and “Model Papers vs Past Papers“.

Third but mostly applied strategy for selected studies is to select most repeated questions from past papers and prepare them first. For this purpose read our article “How to Make Your Own Guess Papers“. It one of our  is our most popular articles. But if you have every limited time then you can buy guess papers from market too. But in this case too, it is recommended to prepare the at least first half of book too after preparing the guess papers.

Last but certainly not least is to understand the basic concepts of each topic in spite of remembering them by heart. It is the most effective but rarely used method  for selected studies. This is the only strategy through which you can attempt the objective questions too other wise in all other methods you can miss many objective questions in exams.

Now we shall discuss the objective part of paper. For preparing objective part prepare the objective questions given at the end of each chapter first and then from past papers and guess papers.

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