Biochemistry Jobs, Definition, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Nature of Work

Biochemistry Jobs, Introduction, Required Abilities, Nature of Job, Career & Scope in Pakistan and Abroad  

Biochemistry is commonly known as biological chemistry. Its a branch of organic chemistry, which deals with the chemical reactions which take place in living organisms. Large number of chemical reactions take place in living organisms like anabolism and catabolism. Molecular Genetics, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Gene therapy and Chemical Biology are closely related subjects to Biochemistry. Biochemist have discovered the structure of DNA.

Biochemistry Jobs, Definition, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Nature of Work

Biochemistry Jobs, Definition, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Nature of Work

Nature of Work
A Biochemist can perform all these jobs.
1-Study the biological chemical reaction from microorganism to man.
2-Generally they study following chemical process in living organisms
Cell development
Chemistry of living processes
Chemical changes in organisms due to different diets and medicines
3-Study all basic kinds of biological molecules like
nucleic acids
4-Develop new techniques and invent new instruments for studying the mechanisms of different kinds of chemical and biological processes in living organisms.
5-Explain and study chemical reactions of all types in plants, bacteria, viruses, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.
6-Do research on working of individual cells and tissues.
7-Work in Biochemistry research labs
8-Develop new tests to diagnosis of different diseases
9-Work on genetic disorders and abnormalities of various types.
10-Do research on causes and treatment of cancers of all kinds and other diseases caused mutations in living organisms.
11-Invent new medicines.
12-Work is medical laboratories.
13-Work jointly with the experts of some other related fields for research purpose.
14-Try to investigate and understand the immunological mechanisms, protein sequencing, role of anabolism and catabolism in all living organisms.
15-A biochemist applies the principles of Biochemistry in the fields of medicine, dentistry, agriculture and veterinary sciences.
16-Help food scientists for developing plentiful and inexpensive supplies of foods full of nutrition.
17- In medicine field he decides that which chemical component is of any living organism is useful for the treatment of any disease.
18-In agriculture field, he do research on the interaction of herbicides/pesticides with plants/crops.
19-Teach Biochemistry in colleges and universities and write research based articles for scientific journals.
20-Become a self employed person by opening his own medical lab or para medical training college.
21-He develops artificial sweeteners and food colors.

Required Skills
You must have following skills for a successful career in this field.
Scientific aptitude
Ability to work with a team of experts of related subjects for long hours
Inductive reasoning ability (This skill is all about combining the available pieces of information to form a general rule or conclusion)
Deductive reasoning ability (This skill is related to applying the general rules on specific problem or issue for producing solution of that problem)
Creative mindset
Interest in studying living organism
Hard working nature
Research minded personality
Interest in Biology and Chemistry
Curiosity for biochemical reactions
Excellent observation skills
Analytical reasoning and thinking ability

Jobs, Career & Scope
A Biochemist can find job in following areas;
Public departments
Biochemical industries
Private and government Hospitals
Agricultural research Institutes
Food production industry
Research organisations
Medical labs
Education department
Pharmaceutical industry
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