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Biography of Major Aziz Bhatti in English & Urdu

Remembering Major Aziz Bhatti: Biography of A True Hero
In the annals of Pakistan’s history there are certain individual characters whose acts of bravery & selflessness continue to inspire generations. 1 such national hero of Pakistan is Major Aziz Bhatti, whose unwavering courage & sacrifice during the India-Pakistan War of 1965 have etched his name in the hearts of millions of Pakistani Muslims. In this biography based blog post both in Urdu and English languages, we shall dive into the life & legacy of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, paying tribute to his remarkable journey as a true hero.



1. Biography, Early Life & Background of Major Aziz Bhatti:

Major Aziz Bhatti was born on 6th Aug, 1923, in Hong Kong. His father belonged to Ladian village of Gujrat district, Punjab, British India. He raised in a modest family and he grew up with strong values of honour, integrity & service to the nation. His father, Rao Muhammad Abdullah Bhatti, was a school teacher who instilled in him the importance of education & moral values. Elder brother of Raja Aziz Bhatti Nazir Ahmad Bhatti was also a teacher. Aziz Bhatti could speak and write Urdu, Bangla, Punjabi, English, Chinese, German and Arabic languages. He was also fond of reading books.



2. Military Career of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed:

From a young age, Major Aziz Bhatti dreamt of serving his country in the military. After completing his early education, he joined the Pakistan Army in 1948 as a commissioned officer through first PMA long course. He also won the sword of honor on his passing out. He got the Norman award and sword of honors from the hands of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. His exceptional leadership skills & dedication to duty soon caught the attention of his superiors, paving the way for a remarkable career.




In 1952 he went to Canada for higher military training. Throughout his military journey, Major Aziz Bhatti proved himself to be an exemplary military leader. He was promoted to the rank of Major before 1965 Indo-Pak war. Before this war he also served in several key assignments, where he displayed unwavering commitment & professionalism. His bravery & tactical acumen distinguished him among his peers, earning him the respect & admiration of his fellow soldiers. He was the third military officer who was awarded Nishan e Haider the highest military award of Pakistan for showing extra ordinary bravery before his martyrdom.



3. The Indo-Pak War of 1965:

The year 1965 marked a turning point in Major Raja Aziz Bhatti’s life, as Pakistan found itself engaged in a bitter conflict with neighboring India . As tensions escalated on the borders, Major Bhatti was assigned to the Burki sector, where he displayed exceptional bravery & valor.


During the war, Aziz Bhatti played a pivotal role in the defense of Lahore, a city of immense historical & strategic significance. Despite being heavily outnumbered & facing relentless Indian attacks , he led his troops with unwavering determination. Major Bhatti’s heroics in the face of overwhelming odds inspired his comrades & instilled a sense of resilience in the troops.


Stories of Major Aziz Bhatti’s acts of valor on the battlefield abound. One such incident involved his defense of the strategically important BRB Canal, where he fought tirelessly & fearlessly, refusing to bow down to the enemy’s relentless advances. His actions not only kept the enemy at bay but also boosted the morale of his fellow soldiers. His wife Zarina Akhtar received the Nishan e Haider on 23 March 1966 from the then President of Pakistan General Muhammad Ayub Khan.



4. Sacrifice and Bravery of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti:

The defining moment of Major Aziz Bhatti’s military career came on September 12, 1965, when he made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. During an intense battle near the BRB Canal, he sustained a fatal injury, but even in his last moments, he continued to motivate & inspire his troops. His indomitable spirit & unwavering commitment to his comrades became a source of strength for those around him,,



He destroyed the 2 tanks of Indian army. He was performing the volunteer duty of OP for observing and stopping the advance movement off Indian army. Meanwhile he defended the Lahore for 5 days without eating and sleeping. During performing his duty as OP he was hit by a tank bomb on his chest due to which he won martyrdom.



Major Aziz Bhatti’s martyrdom represents the epitome of sacrifice & bravery; His selflessness and dedication to the defense of his country serve as a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men & women in uniform. His actions have become a symbol of patriotism & bravery, inspiring generations to come.



5. Legacy of Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed:

Major Aziz Bhatti’s legacy extends far beyond his remarkable military career. His actions & sacrifice continue to resonate with the people of Pakistan; reminding them of the value of courage and selflessness. To honour his memory, numerous memorials & honors have been dedicated to him , including the Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Memorial in Lahore and Aziz Bhatti Hospital in Gujrat city. His one nephew Major Shabir Sharif also won the Nishan e Haider in Indo Pak war of 1971. His second nephew General Raheel Sharif served as COAS of Pak army and Commander In Chief of first United Islamic army led by Saudi Arabia.


The impact of Major Aziz Bhatti’s story can be seen in the lives of those he has influenced. His courage & sacrifice have inspired countless individuals to stand up for what is right and to serve their country with honour. His story serves as a beacon of hope & a reminder of the power of determination and sacrifice;



6. PTV Drama Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed – Nishan-i-Haider:

PTV drama Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed – Nishan-i-Haider was a super hit drama by Pakistan Television. Tv actor Nasir Sherazi played the role of Aziz Bhatti in this drama which was telecast-ed in 1995. Performance of Nasir Sherazi in this drama was really outstanding.




In remembering heroes like Major Aziz Bhatti, we pay homage to their contributions to our nation and its history. Their acts of bravery & sacrifice inspire us to strive for excellence in our own lives. Major Bhatti’s unwavering commitment to duty and his ultimate sacrifice symbolize the very essence of heroism. Let us always remember and honor the sacrifices made by our national heroes & continue to share their stories for generations to come.



Closing Note:

Remembering heroes like Major Aziz Bhatti allows us to honour their contributions to our nation while inspiring us to strive for excellence ourselves. Let us always remember their sacrifices with gratitude & continue to share their stories for generations to come. Now we are going to share the biography of Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed in Urdu language;


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Biography of Major Aziz Bhatti in English & Urdu


Biography of Major Aziz Bhatti in English & Urdu