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Bioinformatics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Nature of Works & Required Skills

Bioinformatics Introduction, Jobs, Job Type, Required Abilities, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad 
Bioinformatics is a relatively a new field of science which combines the computer science, biology, engineering, mathematics and biological sciences. Researchers of this field have knowledge of all these disciplines of science and they use their multi disciplinary knowledge to develop methods and software to understand the biological data. They also analyse and interpret such data. We have already said in our one of article that now again the era of generalization is returning. Specialization era is going to end. Basically this occurred due to IT revolution. New field of science are emerging due to IT revolution. Bioinformatics is one of them.

Bioinformatics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Nature of Works & Required Skills

Bioinformatics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Nature of Works & Required Skills

Jobs Career & Scope
Pioneers of each field enjoy great career. There are still very few experts of Bioinformatics and you can get great response after graduating. Its an emerging scientific field so you must consider it seriously.You guys may get following jobs.
Network administrator
Structural analyst
Molecular modeler
Biotech expert
Research assistant
Bioinformatics analyst
Bioinformatics software developer
Scientific curator
Gene analyst
Protein analyst
Data base programmer
Computational biologist
Database programmer
Scientific writer

Nature of Work
1-Bioinformaticians Design and manipulate complex databases for research purpose
2-They develop web-based analytical tools, algorithms, data bases and software of fulfill the need of any project or research.
3-They use their computer knowledge for management and analysis of biological data.
4-They help the researchers of related fields by providing them authentic data.
5-They do research on human genome for discovering the medicines for genetic diseases.

Bioinformatics has become a need of latest biological and medical research as complex and huge data can not be analyzed manually. Bioinformatics helps the scientists in the research of following fields
All biological sciences
Biodiversity informatics
Structural bioinformatics
Gene disease database
Bioinformatics companies
Computational biology
Bio-medical science
Molecular biophysics,
Computational biomodeling
Computational genomics
Food technology
Functional genomics
Health informatics
Molecular biology
Molecular biology
Genetic engineering

Required Abilities
You must have following abilities for becoming a Bioinformaticians.
Scientific mind
Interest in Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Software Programming.
Analytical mindset
Critical & out of the box thinking skills
Persistence and hard worker
Multidimensional personality
Cooperative nature
Ability to lead and work in a team
Problem solving approach
Genius persons
Craze for research
Humanitarian nature

In this field you will have to stay in touch with the latest research in the fields of biological sciences and software development. Many students think that Bioinformatics is a tough field. We strongly disagree with them as you will have to get in-depth knowledge of software development and biology only. General FSc level knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics is enough for you. Remember that only that subject is difficult for you in which you have no interest. Nobody is compelling you to join this field. Always adopt that career line in which you have keen interest and natural talent. Stay in touch with us for guidance about some great new fields of science and computer science. Visit our facebook page and sister website too.