Birthstones Guide-What is Your Luck Stone? Urdu & English Tips

Birthstones Guide By Month For You in Urdu & English Language-Discover Your Lucky Stone 
Have you ever thought that why people wear these birthstones? We will tell you about this fact. On this post, we have complete explanation for you regarding these birthstones, we will tell you the hidden meanings of them. Below we have mentioned the total twelve months and you will get to know that which stone is made for which birth month:

Birthstones By Months

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, if you are born in this month then you can wear this gemstone. This birthstones will give you self confidence, you will see better position of relationships in your life and you will see an improved business performance.

Amethyst is the birthstone for all those people who are born in this month. This birthstone will give you enriching amount of self confidence, you will see a new hope in your life and it will make you free from the drug addiction, this birthstone will make you stress free.

The birthstone for the month of March, it is bloodstone. By wearing this stone, it makes you a scare free person, you become extremely competitive, it let you to come out from various health issues and troubles.

Then we have the month of April and its birthstone is diamond. If you will wear this stone then you will remain positive, luck will remain on your side, you will get famous, prosperity will come in your life.

For the month of May, we have emerald birthstone. If you are weak in terms of your eyesight then this is a great stone to wear. Your anger issues are going to be resolved, you will get an edge on your enemy or competitor, you will get spiritual satisfaction by wearing this stone.

We have white pearl birthstone for the month of June. This stone will make you famous, blue pearl will bring good luck, you will remain free from the worries. It prevent black magic and evil eye.

Ruby is the birthstone for the July month. Through this stone, success, protection and safety will come in your life.

Peridot crystal stone is the birthstone right for the month of August. By wearing this stone, you will not get afraid from the tough times.

Blue Sapphire has been assigned as the birthstone for this September month, this stone brings wealth, good luck in your life.

We have opal stone for this month, this stone can improve your married life and it is great for your health life.

Yellow Sapphire is the birthstone for this subjected month. This birthstone improves your mental power, it improves your life span. It removes hurdle if you fail to get married, if you fail to conceive and get pregnant then wear this stone.

Turquoise gemstone is the sole birthstone for this month. By wearing and keeping this stone, you will get mental satisfaction, you will learn how to tolerate and remain patient. Now read all about birthstones by month in Urdu language given below this blog post.

Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones (Urdu-English)

Birthstones Guide-What is Your Luck Stone? Urdu & English Tips



Birthstones Guide-What is Your Luck Stone? Urdu & English Tips

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