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Black Magic (Kala Jadu) Myths, Reality, Alternative & Treatment

What is Kala Jadu or Black Magic & How It Works
Black magic or Kala Jadu is used to destroy other. Although its a reality but its side effects are uncountable. In fact its too game of concentration. Somebody concentrate to destroy other and his concentration works. Black magic spells are not necessary to harm any one just strong concentration is enough. Brain emits strong negative radiations which harm others just because of concentration. Some black magic spells have also strong negative radiations. Black magic of India, Bengal and Africa is famous all over the world. Only people of negative thinking go for black magic for fulfilling their evil wishes. You will never see a black magician happy in his life because he has to pay the price of his bad act.

Islam & Black Magic
Islam is strictly against black magic. Majority of religions of the world also discourage this act. Muslim pray to Almighty Allah for solutions of all his problems. His faith on Allah gives him every thing in life. He do not use any forbidden spells.

Is Black Magic is the solution of all Problems
It is hundred percent wrong that you can get every thing with black magic. You have to pay price for every thing which you get through black magic. If black magic is the solution of every problem then Bengal and Africa should be the most prosperous regions of the world. Only jealous nature persons go for black magic to harm others but by harming others they also harm their selves.

Alternative of Black Magic
Best alternative of black magic is positive thinking. First change your mindset, do not compare you with others rather your aim in life should be your own success not defeating other. Then concentrate on your work. By concentration you can excel in every field of life. If you make a positive aim in life then the speed of your success will increase many time. You can get any thing in life by helping others.

It does not affects badly to a man with strong will power and character. Solution and treatment has been given below.

Black Magic (Kala Jadu) Myths, Reality, Alternative & Treatment

Black Magic (Kala Jadu) Myths, Reality, Alternative & Treatment

Reality of Black Magic
As i told you its the game of concentration. When a man concentrate on harming some body, strong rays emits from his self which affects his opponent. But in this whole process he loses its own energy for doing some thing positive for his self.

Some people use black magic to remove some deficiency in their life and they do not want to harm any one but still its not the right way. I can explain you it with a simple example. The only way to get your desired thing in life is to serve others. Every one has been given some thing extra in life and if you will distribute the thing among others which you have extra in life, you can remove the any deficiency in life and can get your any desired thing in life. If you will use black magic then you may lost some thing more costly in life.

Glass of every person is 100% full in life but the contents of glass are different. For example a person has 30% knowledge, 10 percent wealth, 20 % health, 10% matrimonial bliss, 5 % bravery, 5% beauty, 5 % confidence, 15% others and if need more wealth then he need to distribute his knowledge among others, he will definitely get wealth but if he will use black magic for becoming rich then he may lose 10% matrimonial bliss or 5% confidence or any other thing which he already has in less amount. The reason is very obvious that no body can get more than 100 percent in life. This articles has been written under the guidance of spiritual scholar. He will continue to guide us in future too.




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