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Brain Drain Essay- Problem, Causes & Solution

Problem of Brain Drain in Pakistan

A number of social,economic and political problems which have been confronting Pakistan since its inception, have proved to be a seemingly formidable obstacle to the development of our beloved country. The most striking problem, upon which depend the other problems is the brain drain. First of all we have to see from where this brain drain comes and what are reasons that it takes one in its armpits.

Basically, Pakistan is an agricultural country and it is among the under developed countries. The Pakistanis have not much sources to brighten up their social and economic life, because in Pakistan there is joint family system and in this system to feed up whole of the family is the responsibility of the head of the family, where as in Western countries people have a lot of chances to promote themselves in their respective fields of life, there is not any sort of liability on them, each and every adult member of the family is responsible only up to the extent of his own. As the minors are concerned they are the liability of the government. I don’t say that joint family system is bad, but it is making us lazy and irresponsible. Every one should work in the family and each person of family should perform his role for the family.

Brain Drain Essay- Problem, Causes & Solution

Brain Drain Essay- Problem, Causes & Solution

In Pakistan, a person first cannot get a proper job without a heavy bribery and when some one gets it through this way, how will he serve his duties properly and honestly. He will definitely try to get the output of his investment, he did make to get that job. Another reason of brain drain is under employment, if the pay is not enough to meet ones expenses, definitely it will lead towards corruption or brain drain. If a “mentally retarded person” doesn’t take money illegally, he will be at the top of hit list of his bosses, he is not sending them monthly like his other colleagues. Eventually nobody honest and intelligent wants to join government service anymore, because it pay peanuts. And when you pay peanuts, do not be surprised if you end up hiring monkey. Just about everybody is fed up of the endemic corruption and red tape they have to put up with.

If someone is doing a business WAPDA, gas, tax, telephone and all other concerning department’s employees are there to guide him the best ways of corruption, but if he will not cooperate with them, then he cannot even take a single step. They have lot of ways to force him to run his business according to their “worthy advice”.

In our society basic necessities like clean water food etc are not available, this is why educated people select some other country to live a comfortable life. Inflation rate is very high. Per capita income is very low. This is why saving rates are low. Now come to our religious parties and sects. They are killing each other. All the people other than their party members are KAFIR and it is a JIHAD to kill them. They are fighting over that either Prophet (PBUH) was a human being or not. Law and order situation is worsening day by day due to sectarianism, social injustice, militarization of society and lack of tolerance.
What did our government do? All the governments either a a political or non political, did support corruption. If the government its self is in corruption, how can it stop the nation.

As a Muslim we do claim that heaven is our birth right and non MuslimĀ  would never enter in it, but we never think that either our life is going on the way our Prophet(PBUH) told us? Are we living an Islamic life? We do also claim that Pakistan is a castle of Islam, but i am sorry to say that we have made Pakistan a castle of corruption.

Things are not good in Pakistan, but does the answer to that lie in living and working abroad? becoming personally rich but making the country poorer day by day? Our people are gifted, erratic for sure, but gifted. They can pull impossible things, but only where such things are possible. There is no magical formula with anyone, which can make Pakistan attractive, but we also know that the talent exodus is making this country more and more unlivable.

We should realize the seriousness of this issue. Government should open up its eyes to the gravity of the situation. In my opinion, if we put same amount of energies in our society then there is no limit of reward. Our youth should go to abroad only for higher studies or research programs. Nobody will come from outside to change the situation in Pakistan. Remember my advice that Pakistan has great potential for progress. If we work hard a very bright future lies ahead of Pakistan

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