Breaking News-Russia Attacks Ukraine-Is This a Start of Third World War?

Current Affairs-Russia Ukraine Crisis Latest News has a breaking news for you. Russia Attacks Ukraine on the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin has declared war on Ukraine. Russia has demanded that Ukraine forces should surrender before Russian army. Vladimir Putin has also warned external forces, not to interfere in Russia Ukraine conflict, otherwise Russia reserves the right to respond. He also declared that Russia has no plan to capture Ukraine, Russian forces just want to demilitarized the Ukraine. Heavy explosions have been heard in port and different cities of Ukraine. There are news of various air attacks on different cities of Ukraine. No plane will be now allowed to fly over Ukraine till the next order. Us President Joe Baiden has condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine.


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Breaking News-Russia Attacks Ukraine-Is This a Start of Third World War?


Nato is going to take stand on Russian invasion. There is a great threat of third world war due to this new conflict. Oil price has reached up to 100$ per barrel. Asian stock markets are also crashing. Whole world is going to face a economic crisis in the coming days. Pakistani PM Imran Khan is also in Russia on this occasion. Its expected that China will support Russia and NATO will respond on this act of Putin. US President will soon give policy statement on this issue. Russia share boarder of 2000 km with Ukraine. As per President of Ukraine, his country is against war but if the war is imposed, his forces will defend the country. He is also demanding the intervention of UNO in this crisis.


USA has already imposed economical sanctions against Russia. Ukraine has informed security council about the Russian attack. Secretary General UNO has also demanded that Russia should stop his forces to invade its neighboring country. Nato chief has declared that the organization will protect its ally countries. UK has also condemned the Russian attack. About 100000 Russian troops are on the boarder of Ukraine. After end of cold war now again Russia and USA are on the edge of third world war. UNO is trying to initiate dialogue between USA/Ukraine and Russia to resolve the Russia Ukraine conflict.



Remember that Ukraine is not a member of Nato. Now the question arises either NATO and USA will just impose sanctions on Russia or face the Russian army on ground to stop its invasion. There is a need of a peace mission to stop Russia Ukraine conflict. All peace lovers are shocked around the world. Stay connected with study solutions with latest breaking news about Russia Ukraine war.


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Note-We highly condemn the aggression of any kind. stands with peace.

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