Extremist Hindu elements are pressurizing Shahrukh Khan to quit India. According to media reports extremist Hindu are urging Shahrukh Khan to leave India as he had bet on Narendra  Modi’s victory in the election. He was sure that Indian people will not vote for Narendra Modi to save the secular face of India. But now when Narendra Modi has won the election with large majority, Shahrukh Khan is feeling himself in trouble waters. A campaign has been launched against King Khan on social media specially on face book.

Extremist Hindus are demanding that King Khan should say good bye to India after the land slide victory of Modi in the recent election. King Khan said during the election campaign”I will leave India if Modi will become the Prime Minister of India”. He also criticized the Narendra  Modi for not taking any serious step to stop the Gujrat riot in 2002 in which more about 2000 innocent Muslims were murdered by extremist Hindu elements. Already an Indian Muslim actor has Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly know as KRK, has left India for ever after the victory of BJP and Narendra Modi in the recent general election.

Kamaal Rashid Khan Leaving India

Kamaal Rashid Khan Leaving India


He uploaded his picture with former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar on twitter in which he was sitting in plane at the time of migrating from India. You can see that picture on this page. He also tweeted” Modi Ji has won i am leaving India forever with Shoaib Akhtar. Bye Bye India. I don’t know if SRK(Shahrukh Khan) and others will keep their promise, but i will keep”  Extremist Hindus are insisting that Shahrukh Khan should also keep his promise to leave India forever like KRK. Even Indian websites are writing “Let’s see if Mr Khan is serious about his tweets or not”.

Shahrukh Khan is the only super star of Indian film industry but extremist Hindus can not tolerate him just because of his religion. You can imagine that such a super star like Shahrukh Khan is being easily targeted by fundamentalist Hindus then what will be the position  of poor Muslims and other minorities under the Modi Raj. Shahrukh Khan should stay in India otherwise the ordinary Muslims will also lose hope.

Breaking News- Shahrukh khan is leaving India SHAHRUKH KHAN IS BEING PRESSURIZED TO QUIT INDIA

Narendra Modi and BJP should take steps to stop this forced migration of Muslims from India. Indian government should provide security to all Muslims in India. People are betting on social media in India about the expected decision and destination of Shahrukh Khan. Majority of people are saying that King Khan will migrate to U.A.E (Dubai). But we hope that Narendra Modi will interfere in this matter because Shahrukh Khan migration will be of great symbolic importance as far as India’s global image is concerned. It will damage the secular face of India. You can read the detail about this story in Urdu on this page. Stay in touch with your own website for latest news alerts about current affairs.

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