Breaking-Punjab Govt to Abolish Quota System From Universities & Colleges

Breaking News-Punjab Government to Abolish Quota System From all Educational Institutes of Province
We have a very good breaking news for students of Punjab. Punjab government is going to abolish quota system from all universities and colleges of the province. As per media reports after eliminating the emergency powers of Vice Chancellors now provincial government has decided to decrease the discretionary powers of Vice chancellors regarding their admission quota. To promote merit in the province like universities principals of colleges and heads of departments have been stopped to grant admission on quota basis.

Chief Minister Punjab Mian M Shahbaz Sharif has directed the Governor of Punjab Chaudhry M Sarwar to take steps for promoting merit system and eliminating the quota system in the universities which are under him. About 700 students will get admission on merit in different colleges and universities due to this new policy.

In fact it was the initiative of Ch M Sarwar who introduced merit system in Aitchison college Lahore. More than 25 wards of VVIP’s failed in  the Aitchison college entry test and college refused to grant admission to these “VVIP talent”.

This initiative was appreciated by students and general public. As per dunya news reports in the past out the merit admissions were granted in several universities by vice chancellors. CM secretariat has also received several complaints about the corruption in admission matters against different public universities of Lahore. Especially illegal admissions were granted on sports quota in MPhil in public universities of Lahore.

Governor and CM were informed about these illegal admissions and they took the immediate action against quota system. As per media news HEC also received complaints against illegal and out of merit recruitment in the public sector universities, due to which emergency powers of Vice Chancellors were taken back. Students are still demanding to investigate the out of merit admissions. welcome this decision by provincial government and demands to implement this policy in all the educational institutes of Pakistan with its true spirit. There is a need of introducing fool free mechanism for admission on sports seats and a public sector testing agency should be established for taking pre admission entry tests for ensuring merit in the admission process of government colleges and universities just like NTS and ETEA.  You can read the news in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post.  Stay in touch with us for latest breaking news alerts.

    Breaking-Punjab Govt to Abolish Quota System From Universities & Colleges

Breaking-Punjab Govt to Abolish Quota System From Universities & Colleges



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