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BS Eligibility, Subjects, Further Study Option, Career & Scope

Comprehensive Career Counseling About BS Bachelor of Science
BS (Bachelor of Science)  is a 4 year Bachelor program after intermediate. It is considered equivalent to MA/MSc that’s why BS degree holders can get admission directly in MS or M.Phil. In past 2 and 3  years Bachelor degrees (i.e BA, BSc & BSc Hons  ) were offered in Pakistan but our students had to face many difficulties in foreign countries as their degrees were not considered equivalent to foreign Bachelor degrees. That’s why few years before 4 years BS degree was introduced by Higher Education Commission. B.S is a better degree than BSc and BA as students are given in depth knowledge about their field of study. In some countries still the duration of BS degree is 3 years. B.S is a regular program, so you can not appear in its exam as a private candidate. But distance learning universities offers .degree in various subjects. Exams are conducted under semester system. Program is divided in 8 semesters of six months duration each. Medium of instruction in majority of B.S programs is English in Pakistan.

BS Eligibility, Subjects, Further Study Option, Career & Scope

BS Eligibility, Subjects, Further Study Option, Career & Scope

BS Eligibility Criteria
Candidates having F.Sc Pre Medical, FSc Pre Engineering, FA, I.Com, I.C.S or any  equivalent certificate like A-Level with minimum 50% marks are eligible to get admission in BS program. For many B.S programs, it is mandatory that you must had read that subject in intermediate.

BS Subjects
Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and English are taught as compulsory subjects in all B.S programs in Pakistan. Elective subjects vary from program to program. B.S is not offered under annual system in Pakistan. Higher Education Commission HEC decides about the subjects taught in different B.S programs.

BS VS B.Sc & BA  
1-BSc or BA are 2 years program while BS is a 4 years program.

2-BS equips your with detail knowledge about a specific subject so level of knowledge is a key difference.

3-In BA and BSc a student is taught up to 3 major 3 subjects where as in B.S degree you are taught about all the aspects of a subject.

4-Employability ratio of BS degree holders is much better then simple graduates. Every employer prefers the specialist of his required field and BS makes you master or expert of your field. B.S degree holders are capturing the whole job market and they day is not far when associate degrees will be of no use inn job market .

5-Unlike BS in many BA/BSc degrees still the medium of instruction is Urdu

6-You can not get degree in some B.S programs without writing a thesis or research paper.

7-In associate undergraduate programs exams are taken annually while in BS program semester based.

8-As far as competitive exams like CSS, PMS and PCS are concern, BA and BSc degree holders have an edge in this filed as they study  more than one subject and they can appear in competitive exam 2 years after intermediate. But BS students have to wait for 4 years and they also feel more difficulty in selection of elective subjects. Government should allow the BS students to appear in competitive exams after 2 years. It is the only draw back of BS program otherwise it is much better than any associate degree.

Best BS Program
Although BS in Accounting and Finance, Public Administration, Management, Marketing, HR, Business Administration, Commerce, Mass Communication, Psychology, Banking and Finance, Home Economics, Fine Arts, Basic Sciences are very popular among students but we can not recommend you any specific subject as we believe from the core of our hearts that you can enjoy a bright career in a subject of your interest only. So decide yourself that in which field you will enjoy your work. Please do not follow the general trend as these are the decisive moments in your life. So listen the voice of your inner self. If you do not agree with me than watch the Amir Khan’s movie 3 idiots again.

Recommended Further Study Options After BS
Best further study option after BS is MS/MPhil/MPhil leading to PhD but you may also chose any other field as per your aptitude as i strongly believe that its never too late. If you want to join teaching line then go for MS and BEd/MEd. Here are some other options for you.

BS Career Scope
You can get all that jobs that a MA/MSc degree holder can get. Here are some of them
Personal Business
Civil Service
Administration and Management related jobs
Jobs in your subject related organizations
Desk jobs
Lecturer ship
Electronic & Print Media jobs
Banking Sector
Jobs in Labs
You will be preferred on all associate degree holders and some times even on MA/MSc degree holders. Although BS is a good qualification but still i recommend you to at least go for MS/MPhil. We are living in an age of cut throat competition, you will not believe but its a reality that many MPhil and MS degree holders contact us for getting internship certificate. But how we can give fake internship certificate to anyone. So if you want to survive in this age of specialization and competition then try to get an edge on your competitors by getting maximum higher degree in your field. Please do not visit us daily as it is not good for both of us . Book mark only the best educational website and by visiting different sites, you can easily take this decision. Wish you bright future.