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Careem Bike Registration Requirements in Pakistan

Complete Guide on Careem Bike Registration Requirements in Pakistani CitiesĀ 
We know that Careem has opened many job opportunities for the people of Pakistan. Now people are using this option so that you can run their own business. People register their car and bikes on this company side. Here are the Careem bike registration requirements for you, these eligibility conditions are made for Pakistan people. If you want to become a Careem bike captain and you want to run your bike in cities like of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, then do check out all of the details of this post. For the information, this company first started its car service, then it later on started its auto service and now this company has started off with their bike service.


Careem Bike Registration Requirements in Pakistan

What Are The Careem Bike Registration Requirements in Pakistan?
You should have a driving license, if you does not have a driving license then you cannot apply for this registration. Your age has to be more than 18 years. If you have a bike and a driving license, then this is a great opportunity for you to start this job.

You should have a valid CNIC. It should not be expired and it has to be in the activated form.

You bike should be 2000 year model or more than that! If its model is old, then your registration will not be accepted.

Your bike has to be in excellent and fit condition. Like all of its headlights, front lights and back lights have to be in great condition.
You should have a smart phone so that you can install your Careem app over there.

How to Apply for Careem Bike Registration in Pakistan?
You can visit the nearest of all registration center of Careem. By visiting their office, you will be able to complete your registration processing.

Do bring your bike copy, the copy of driving license and the copy of your CNIC once you visit the registration center and office of Careem. You have to bring all of the documents. If you miss any document, then the proceeding will get stopped right at that moment.

After completing the registration, it is must for you to attend the training session. During this training session, you will come to know the rules of becoming a Careem captain.

After installing the ADMA app, you will get the id and password information.

It is withing five to six hours duration that your ID will get activated. As soon as your ID will get activated, then you start your job as a Careem captain.

The procedure of registering your bike at Careem is mentioned and informed to you now. Keep tuned over here, stay in touch and if this company will revise their registration and application processing details, we will update you. Have you ever registered your car or bike at careem, let us know and share your feedback. More details are coming ahead with regard to registering your bikes and cars at such kind of companies in order to seek employment at your end. Hopefully you will share this post on careem bike registration requirements in Pakistan with your friends.