Career as Air Traffic Controller, Scope, Jobs & Tips in Urdu & English

Career Counseling About Scope of Air Traffic Controller, Nature of Work, Degrees, Eligibility, Skills Required, Jobs & Super Tips in Urdu & English

Do you want to become an air traffic control officer? Here is the complete information for you. You need to know that which are the important job duties which are performed by these air traffic control professionals and the job options available for you in this field line:

Job Duties in Air Traffic Controller
These air traffic controllers have to issue all kinds of landing as well as takeoff instructions right to the pilots. They need to do the monitoring and at the same time direct the movement of these aircrafts when they land or take off from the ground. Air traffic controller does this duty by making use of radar and computers and also by using these visual references.

Work Responsibilities in Air Traffic Controller
These professionals have to control all of the ground traffic which is present at the airports. They have to manage all sorts of communications which is taking place between the departing flights and these traffic control centers. They give information to the pilots like regarding weather updates and about the runway closures, or any other kind of critical information.

Course Part of Air Traffic Controller
First we have this ATC course and for this course, you should have education up to bachelors levels, your age has to be 21 and if you want to pursue this profession, then it is essential for you to complete this course first of all. To get eligible for this course, you should have 3 years prior experience.

Then there is an air traffic controller assistance course and for this specific course, you can have education up to inter. Now for this course, your English has to be excellent and primarily from this course, you will learn about air traffic rules, aero nautical information service, flight information service, the details of air navigation, info on search and rescue, radio navigation, air drum control service.

Eligibility for Air Traffic Controller Field
You should have done BSc field in the field of engineering and if you have the license as a commercial pilot, then you can have education up to inter.

If your bachelor is from the arts and commerce background, and you pass the test for this job post, then you can also become the part of this field. You have to physically ft and most of all, your eyesight has to be fit and balanced. To be hired for this post, you will pass through the stages of written test, interview, eye sight and medical examination test.

Skills Required for Air Traffic Controller Field
You need to know as to how to direct and handle the movement of these vehicles which are present on runways and also on the taxiways. Then checking of the flight plans and giving all the pilots clearance so that they can takeoff, all of these skills have to be present in you. You should know how to monitor aircraft and how to work and remain in touch with the air route traffic control centers. Now read career counseling based article on scope of air traffic controller in Urdu language.

Career as Air Traffic Controller, Scope, Jobs & Tips in Urdu & English

Career as Air Traffic Controller, Scope, Jobs & Tips in Urdu & English

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