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Career Counseling About Medical (Medicine) Profession in Pakistan

Scope of Different Medical (Medicine) Profession in Pakistan

Few years ago it was very difficult for Pakistani students to survive in medical field after FSc Pre Medical. But now situation has changed dramatically. Medical students want to get the title of dr at every cost. For this purpose large number of students used to get admission in Russian universities. Now HEC has launched large number of courses for FSc Pre Medical and A-Level Students who have dream to join medical/medicine field as doctors. Now FSc Pre Medical Students can get MBBS and BDS degrees from China with unbelievable low fee.

Career Counseling About Medical (Medicine) Profession in Pakistan

Career Counseling About Medical (Medicine) Profession in Pakistan

Title of many BSc degrees have been changed. Now holders of many BS/BSc degrees in medical fields are also called doctors. We have written a detailed article on this topic. Here is the related link for you.

Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS after F.Sc Pre Medical & A-Level

We have also written detailed articles on all these degrees. Visit our medical category for reading all these articles. No FSc Pre Medical has lot more scope than before. You will not have to change your stream of study in spite of getting low marks in FSc Pre Medical or A-Level. Medical/Medicine profession has become more secure for females in Pakistan at least. Even the status of 4 year diploma after matric science in homeopathic science (DHMS) had also been alleviated. Now DHMS is equivalent to BSc degree. After DHMS you may get BHMS degree in just 3 years which is equivalent to BS or MBBS. Even students who get FTJ diploma after matriculation science, can also get admission in 3 years condensed BEMS degree, which is also equivalent to MBBS. DMLS. DVM, DND, Pharm-D, DPT, DVM, BEMS, BHMS, degrees are also offered in public sector too, so you will not have to pay heavy fees of private medical colleges. You just need to get above 60% marks in FSc Pre Medical or A-Level.

All these alternative programs of MBBS have great scope not only in Pakistan but also abroad. But remember you should get admission only in the program of your interest. If you have interest in psychology after MBBS then do not get admission in Pharm D or DPT. Just go for BS Psychology and start your practice as psychologist as you can get great success only in the area of your success. For guidance in this regard you may contact our team of professional career counselors. We shall guide you individually that which further study option is best for you after FSc Pre medical as per its scope and your aptitude.