Career in Air Hostess Jobs-Tips, Scope, Eligibility Criteria

Career in Air Hostess Jobs in Pakistan – Tips, Duties, Scope, Requirements 
Among so many professions and career choices spinning around in this world, the profession of becoming an air hostess is getting out to be increasingly high among all ladies out there. Almost more than 80% of ladies are heading towards the profession of air hostess. They want to enter into the profession and career line of becoming an air hostess. But in order to be the part of this sector and field line, female applicants have to pass themselves through specific and certain criteria so that they can successfully be the part of this air hostess profession. Here we would be bringing about the complete discussion related with the air hostess career and job prospects related to this field line. You will also know about eligibility criteria that how one can become an air hostess.

Eligibility Criteria to Become an Air Hostess
In order to step into the profession of becoming an air hostess, an applicant must have the qualification of intermediate or equivalent. She should have minimum 2nd division in his inter education. Applicants martial status should be un-married and they must have the age limit of 25 years old. Height range should be minimum 5 feet and 2 inches and maximum 6 feet. The weight applicants should be at least less than 75 Kg. They should be able to speak fluently in English and Urdu.

Career in Air Hostess Jobs-Tips, Scope, Eligibility Criteria

Career in Air Hostess Jobs-Tips, Scope, Eligibility Criteria

How to Become an Air Hostess?
You should first of all be applying in various airlines where they have come about with the announcement of the post requiring air hostesses.
As you will submit with your application form, that airline will call short listed candidates once initial screening process will be done.
Then applicants will be making their way into the next level and that will be written examination stage. This test will contain questions in the form of objective type.
All applicants who will successfully pass through the written test, they will be called for the group discussion.
Selected applicants will be trained for the time span of 2 to 3 months in the field of air hostess service. They will be told about grooming, safety and also about first aid. As the training will come to an end, then all air hostesses will be called for trainee flights so that they can be fully trained for full-fledged and proper commercial flights.

Important Duties and Responsibilities of Air Hostess
Air hostess are usually employed on the basis of short term or on the basis of long term flight schedules. And for each single flight category, they have to bring about their best performance. They have to carry out various roles and duties. Some of their main duties are as mentioned below:
They should be carrying out with the attendance process. They carry out pre-flight briefing process as well.
It is their important duty that they should let the whole crew know about the flight details, all along with the schedule. If any of the passenger has been entered with any health issue, air hostess is there to guide him or her.
They should be checking all safety equipments as well as aircraft cleanliness. They should check whether seats are updated and cleaned enough for passengers before the flight start up. They make sure that all the meals and stocks are on board as well.
They have to remain warm and they should have a welcoming smile for their passengers on their faces. These air hostesses direct passengers to their seats.
Moreover, these air hostesses also inform passengers regarding these aircraft safety procedures. They assure that their hand luggage has been securely stored away.
They should check that all the passengers seat belts especially the one who are old and infants have been secured tightly and properly closed.
Plus they should be preparing flight report.
They should also maintain cabin systems on the aircraft too. We have given an out dated ad about air hostess jobs on this page too.

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