Career Options After 8th Class in Pakistan

Top & Best Career Options For Students after 8th Class in Pakistan – Super Tips

Career counseling facility is not available in Pakistan at any level. Even no university offer any professional program in this field. Students just follow the current trends without having knowledge about other available options. has published many articles on career and scope of different programs. Today we shall discuss the scope of available further study options in Pakistan after 8th class. At this early age a student cannot take correct decision about his future so parents and teachers must guide the youngster at this stage for taking the right decision. Following traditional career options are available for you after 8th class in Pakistan.


Career & Scope

Career Options After 8th Class in Pakistan


Career & Scope of Matriculation with Science Subjects
We highly recommend that every student should study science subjects at least in matriculation or O-Level. There are 3 basic reasons for our recommendation. Firstly, it will open the doors of many further study options for you after SSC like DAE, DHMS, FTJ, ICS, F.Sc, Paramedical and vocational training courses. Secondly, your concepts about basic sciences and mathematics should be cleared as questions are asked about these fields in about all kinds of recruitment tests and job interviews. Thirdly, science students may go towards arts stream any time but arts students cannot go towards science stream. Lastly, Holy Quran has laid great stress on observing the universe. Only science students can obey this order of Holy Quran, so try to study science subjects to the maximum level taking this order of Holy Quran in your mind. It will also give you inner satisfaction.



If you want to become doctor then opt biology as your optional subject. If you have interest in information technology then opt Computer Science instead of Biology. Mathematics and Physics are compulsory subjects for science students in matriculation so you may easily get admission in FSc Pre Engineering with any of the optional subject like Biology and Computer Science. But if you want to get admission in FSc Pre Medical then you will have to opt Biology. Remember that it’s too a myth that science subjects are relatively difficult than arts subjects.



Career & Scope of Matriculation with Arts Subjects
Although I have recommended you to go for matriculation with science subjects but it does not mean at all that arts subjects have no scope in our job market. If you want to become lawyer, judge, social worker, politician, historian, psychologist, economist, educationalists, journalist, Islamic scholar, artist, civil servant, or lecturer of social sciences then you may go for arts subjects too. We are living in the age of computer so try to opt computer science as the time is not far when a computer illiterate person will not be considered educated. This subject will help you a lot in I.Com, D.Com. DBA, D.Com and DIT. Here is the list of recommended subjects for females;


Fine Arts
Computer Science
Home Economics
Punjabi and education are considered most scoring subjects in SSC.
Civics and history are recommended subjects for those students who want to become layer, judge, politician or historian.



Career & Scope of Matric-Tech
Matric-Tech is also a great option after 8th class. This course is offered in the affiliated schools of board of technical education. In this course students are taught all regular science subjects except biology. Students have to opt a technical subject in place of biology. Generally students have to opt technical optional subject from the following list;

Auto Mechanic
Computer Science
Home Appliances
Welding & Fabrication

It’s an ideal option for technical minded students who want to go for DAE or any other vocational training course after matriculation.



Career & Scope of O-Level
We have written a detailed article on the scope of O-level in Pakistan. You must read this article for further guidance about the scope of O-Level.



Super Tips Career Options after 8th Class in Pakistan
All career counselors and psychologists are agreed that one must opt only those subjects in which he/she has interest as we can give our 100% only in the field of our interest.
Myth of scope is also 100% wrong.
Never follow the market trends, listen the voice of your inner self.
Parents and teachers should analyze and judge the aptitude, potential, interest and tendency of students at this stage of their academic career for guiding them. Stay connected with the best and most popular educational website of Pakistan i.e and its facebook page for guidance about scope of various programs.





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