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Career Options After I.Com & D.Com

Career Counseling-Further Study Options After I.Com & D.Com in Pakistan and Abroad 
Have you done with your I.Com and D.Com studies? If yes, then its time to head towards the planning of your future degree. Normally students who are involved in ICom and DCom degree programs, they get themselves open up with so many job opportunities. They can expand their career easily because they have brighter prospects on their table. Right through this post, we will be highlighting down with some of the best career options which you can opt after your I.Com and D.Com education.

List of Career Options After I.Com and D.Com
Below is the list of important career options which you can take into account as when you are done with your I.Com and D.Com studies:
Bachelor in Business Administration option
Bachelor of Commerce option
Option of doing Bachelor of Law
Option of doing CA degree which stands for Chartered Accountant.
Option of doing ACCA degree which stands for Associate Chartered Accountant
You can do diploma in Retail Management
You can have diploma in Accounting and Finance

careerCareer Options After I.Com & D.Com

You can have yours diploma in Human Resources
Students can do diploma in Banking
You can have done your diploma in Marketing
You can have your diploma in Hotel Management
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Option
This BBA degree has the time span of around 4 years in which you would probably be studying the subjects that are related with business subjects such as marketing as well as business, HR, plus the communication, CS, subject of calculus, accounting and much more.

Bachelor of Commerce Option
This degree has the duration of about 4 years as after which the students will be able to get into the career options like being a cashier or the executive officer in any company. This is the field of accounting and after doing B.Com, you can find many jobs as accountants.

Option of Doing Chartered Accountant CA Degree
This is taken out to be one of the most toughest fields in your educational career for all students. Only a few lucky ones are able to complete it and hold a degree of CA in their hands proudly. This degree has the duration span of about 6 years and as you get yourself completed with this degree you would be able to get joining on the posts up to managerial and officer manager level. This degree make you offer with high paid jobs.

Option of Completing ACCA Degree Association of Chartered Certified Accountant
This is one such degree that is quite a lot similar with the CA degree as well. But it is a short duration degree program. If you are having an ACCA degree in your hands, then you would be able to get hold smoothly on almost all the jobs posts ranging into the financial institutions and even in the banking sector.

Option of Doing Diploma of Accounting and Finance:
This degree has the specific time that would open gates for the students in order to step into the professions or fields of accounting as well as finance. Students can even try with their luck in companies and banks with this degree in their hands.

Scope of B.Com IT
B.Com IT is the best options for those students who want to excel from their fellow students as it will open more further study and job options for you.
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