Career Options For Arts & Commerce Students After inter & A-Level

Further Study Options For Arts & Commerce Students After intermediate  & A-Level
In this article we shall discuss briefly about the career options for arts and commerce students after inter and A-Level. Remember one basic principal that never go for that option in which you don’t have interest. You can perform better in the field of your interest. Critically analyse your aptitude at this stage as one wrong decision at this point may be very harmful for your whole career and life.

BA – Bachelor of Arts
Majority of students go for BA after inter. This option is good for those students who want to appear in competitive exam or they have interest in any specific arts subject and they want to get lecturer-ship of that subject. Those who want to join Law field may also go for BA but they should opt Political Science and History of Pakistan as elective subjects in BA. Subject selection in BA is very important so take it seriously and opt one subject of you choice in which you want to do MA and second subject for competitive exam‘s point of view.  . For further guidance about read our article “Bachelor of Arts BA career & scope“.

Career Options For Arts & Commerce Students After inter & A-Level

Career Options For Arts & Commerce Students After inter & A-Level

B.B.A – Bachelor of Business Administration
B.B.A is a relatively new program in Pakistan. Its a four year program which is consider equivalent master degree. All those students who want to do their own business or MBA must go for B.B.A because after B.B.A you can complete MBA in one year and this program equip yo with the all basic business handling techniques. B.B.A will turn you into a self employed person. For details read our article B.B.A – subjects, eligibility, career & scope.

If you want to become a professional certified accountant then CA and CMA are best options for you after inter. CA is considered relatively tough then CMA but its a misconception. CA degree holders enjoy more salary and better career growth options. But only those students should enter in this field who has craze for accounting. For details read our article CMA.

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce 
B.Com is second most popular bachelor degree in Pakistan after BA. It is much better option than simple BA for those students who have interest in commerce and banking. B.Com IT is better than simple B.Com as it opens more options for your future career.

Law is vast subject and no one can master this field within 3 years of LLB, that’s why BA-LLB degree was introduced. Its a five year program. If you have decided to become a lawyer then BA-LLB must be your first choice. BA-LLB will enable you to appear in the exam of civil judge. For scope of legal field read our article LLB.

B.C.S – Bachelor of Computer Science
In my personal opinion B.C.S is the best option after intermediate. Its an era of information technology and all those students who want to secure their future must go for B.C.S but your interest in IT and programming is a key factor here too. This degree can also make you a self employed person.

B.Sc – Bachelor of Science
Generally in Pakistan B.Sc is not considered a right option for intermediate students but again its a misconception because if you have interest in any of basic sciences then B.Sc is a right option for you. There is always a great demand of basic science experts. You may become scientist of lecturer of basic any basic science subject after M.Sc and PhD. Our country still need large number of experts of basic sciences. You may also go for competitive exam after B.Sc but choose the subjects carefully in B.Sc. For details read our articles B.Sc Bachelor of Science.

BS – Bachelor of Science
BS is a four year program and is a better option than B.Sc and BA because it is considered equivalent to Master degree and after BS you can get admission in MS which is considered equivalent to M.Phil. You may get better job after BS than after simple BA or B.Sc.

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