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Career & Scope of Aeronautical Engineering-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Salary

Career And Scope of Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad – Jobs, Nature of Work, Introduction, Benefits, Nature of Work, Golden Tips & Salary  

 Aeronautical Engineering Introduction & Super Tips 
Aeronautical engineering is a very rewarding field of engineering all over the world. As you know that our world has become an global village. Now a days million of people daily travel by air,due to business engagements. Other than public air line companies large number of private airline companies are also working in all countries of the world. Lot of international even local trade is done through cargo air services. Even dynamics of war have also changed in the 21st century. USA captured the Iraq and Afghanistan just due to its better air force. In future the country with better air force will rule the world militarily. Drone technology has make this field more important for the defense purpose. A country can not even think to enter in the missile and space age without having expertise in the field of aeronautical engineering.

Career & Scope of Aeronautical Engineering-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Salary

Career & Scope of Aeronautical Engineering-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Salary

Muslim world is far behind in this field till now. As all of you know that Lockheed company was also assembling F-16 fighter plans in Turkey. Muslims of the world used to think that Turkey has progressed a lot in the field of aeronautical engineering but yesterday i was shocked to read a news in newspaper that Turkey asked Pakistan to help it in developing its next generation fighter air craft. Pakistan is just preparing about 50% parts of JF Thunder fighter plane. It shows that how behind are Muslim countries in this field.  China has made much better fighter plane than JF Thunder.

Even China is still using Russian engines in its fighter jets. So we can say that even China is just producing body of jet fighters. We still need lot of aeronautical engineers to bridge the technology gap between us and developed countries in the field of aeronautical engineering. In the field of general/transport/military helicopters, transport/passenger planes, bomber aircraft and early warning aircraft we are much behind than Western world.

We never recommend our students to get job in foreign countries but there are some fields like nuclear science, mining engineering, space technology and aeronautical engineering where we need quality human resource with higher degree and practical experience in high tech atmosphere. So you should go abroad for specialization and higher education. Then get job their in any aeronautical or research company and then come back to your country with a plan to serve your nation and country in the field of aeronautics. We shall recommend you to contact like minded overseas Pakistani aeronautical engineers for making a team for any specific project. Dr Qadeer Khan has already set an example for you in this regard. Follow him for serving your country.

Get at least PhD level degree and at least 10 years of practical experience in the field. When you will take it as your mission in life then i assure you that Almighty Allah will also help you. Our local aeronautical colleges are producing mechanics not engineers. If you want to become an engineer than go for abroad for master or doctoral level degree. There is no need to come back to your country after completing education. Never accept a teaching job abroad. Try to get job in the field for getting first hand knowledge about the application of latest technology and then return back to your homeland.

During this process you will also get immigration, so the future security will not be an issue for you after that. Now in your beloved country you may join any field e.g academia, PAF or The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). Although after getting job in any local company, you have to clear the departmental tests for promotions but as we have mentioned above that even senior engineers of these companies have knowledge just about maintenance and overhauling only. They are simply ignorant as far as manufacturing and advanced research is concern so share our views with your teachers and decide yourself about your future career plan. If you just want to lead a 9 to 5 aim less life then the choice is yours, but we still recommend you to become the eagle of Iqbal.

Aeronautical Engineering  Jobs, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad 
Below we have given the list of employment areas and job types for you. We have just given a rough list as there are many other technical areas too where you can find job depending on the area of your specialization.
Employment Areas
International Airlines
PIA & Local Private Airlines like Air Blue, Shaheen Air etc
Engineering Universities
Pakistan Air Force
Flying Clubs
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra
Pak Army Aviation Corps
Pak Naval Air Arm
International Passenger & Fighter Aircraft Manufacturing Companies (It should be your dream primary destination).
Space Research Centers
Missile and Satellite Manufacturing Units
Helicopter Manufacturing Units

Job Types
Junior Aircraft Engineers
Assistant Technical Officers
Research Assistant
Maintenance Engineer
Shift In charge
Scientific Writer

Initially you will be given stipend or low salary during your probation period but after that you will get 17th grade in public sector organisations with lot of allowances. On clearing the each departmental test your salary will be increased. Private sector will decide about your salary on the basis of your qualification and professional experience. Many aeronautical engineers in Pakistan also are getting 7 figure monthly salary.

Required Skills in The Field of Aeronautical Engineering
Interest in Physics, Aeronautics
Creative & Problem Solving Abilities
Analytical & Strong Communication Skills
Interest in Metallurgy, IT and Designs
Ability to Work in Pressure Situation
Ability to Take Fast and Correct Decisions
Good Communication, Organizational and Communication skills

Nature of Work
You will have to perform following kinds of duties in your professional career.
Aeronautical engineers work in maintenance and overhauling department of airlines.
They design, develop manufacture and construct new air crafts.
They give lectures in engineering colleges.
They do research in all the fields of aeronautics.
They work and do research in the fields of satellite, spacecrafts and missile technology too.
They work jointly with the engineers of related disciplines.
They work on administrative and managerial posts after getting sufficient experience.
They work almost in all fields of aviation industry.
They write articles for scientific journals and websites about latest research in aviation industry.

Why Study Aeronautical Engineering?
Its a most rewarding engineering discipline which will secure your future.
It will provide you hundred percent job satisfaction.
Its a field for people with innovative and out of the box thinking abilities.
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