Career & Scope of Agricultural Engineering-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

Agricultural Engineering- Jobs, Super Tips, Benefits & Required Abilities, Nature of Job, Career & Scope in Pakistan and All Parts of The World
Agricultural engineering is closely associated with mechanical engineering and agriculture. In this fields engineers design, develop and manufacture useful agricultural equipment. This field has equal scope and demand both in developed industrial countries and third world agricultural countries. We have failed to control the population of the world so now we have just one remaining option i.e to develop new machinery to increase the production of food.

Career & Scope of Agricultural Engineering-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Agricultural Engineering-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

Agricultural Engineering-Jobs, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Agricultural engineers can find job in lot of areas like mechanical engineering workshops, agricultural equipment workshops, factories of agricultural equipment, agriculture research institutes, consultancies firms, ngo’s, agriculture department, vocational training colleges, testing labs, services industry, planning department, agriculture universities, agri-based industries, engineering colleges and universities etc

Job Types
Agriculture Researcher
Supervisor and Shift In-charge
Training Instructor
Workshop Owner
Officer in Agricultural Department
Agriculture Writer

Super Tips
We have noticed that unlike the medical students, majority of engineering students of Pakistan do not go for specialization after BE and those who go abroad for ME or PhD never return to their homeland. Its a very wrong and unpatriotic practice by our students as it has been the one and only reason of our backwardness in different engineering fields. We have best talent in the world but brain drain has failed our all plans for progress in the field of science and technology.

You guys must try to get higher education from abroad but do come back to your beloved country to payback the loan of your country. In spite of having best brains of the world we are still not even in the position to manufacture the engine of a motor bike. Just government is not responsible for it, Priority of your seniors was not to serve the country and you will see that they have made their career but also have lost all other necessary things. Now its your turn to decide about your priorities in life. Pakistan is an agricultural country and we need of lot of skilled human resource in this field. You guys can play the role of catalyst in the progress of your country. Go abroad for specialization and come back with a time of like minded persons with a practicable plan. HEC is offering scholarships for the brilliant engineers.

Try to get maximum marks to win the HEC or any other foreign scholarship. Everybody gets education for his career, you should be among those holy souls who are more interested in the future of humanity and their country. Our best wishes are with you. Remember we do not need mechanics, we need innovative agricultural engineers who may develop new machines as per our local needs. Who may be able to manufacture cheap agriculture machines like tractors, threshers, harvesters and machinery for agri-based industries. Our agriculture universities and engineering colleges also need such individuals. Even our agricultural equipment manufacturing factories are just assembling the parts of tractors. Pakistan is spending a lot foreign exchange for this purpose. You guys can become the real benefactor of Pakistan.

Required Skills
1-Interest in agriculture and mechanical engineering
2-Research oriented and analytical mind
3-Good interpersonal, problem solving and communication skills
4-Creative mindset with an ability to understand the need of industry
5-Ability to think out of the box for finding the solutions of field problems

Benefits of Agricultural Engineering 
100% job guarantee and with rapid career growth
Chances to get foreign immigration and work permit
Equal opportunities of jobs in academia, industry, services and research sector
More chances of winning scholarships than any other field

Nature of Job in The Field of Agricultural Engineering
You will have to design new agricultural machinery for different purposes.
In factories you will have to develop and manufacture machinery.
In workshops you will do the maintenance and repair work.
In academia you will produce new engineers and technicians.
At research labs you will share your ideas with your counterparts for developing new machinery.
At heavy mechanical industries you will manufacture machinery for agri-based industries.
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