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Career & Scope of Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering

Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering-Jobs, Introduction, Personal Attributes, Super Tips, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad  
There is no major difference between automotive engineering or automobile engineering. Automobile Engineering is a sub branch of vehicle engineering. There are also two other sub branches of vehicle engineering i.e aerospace engineering and marine engineering. Automobile or automotive engineers design, develop, manufacture and produce different kind of land vehicles like motor bikes, buses. trucks, sports vehicles, cars, jeeps etc. This field is closely associated with mechanical, software, electrical, hardware, electronic, metallurgy and safety engineering.

Career & Scope of Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering

Career & Scope of Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering

All of you know that retail and mass vehicles have become need of everyone of us. More than 90% countries of the world have become consumer countries. They can maximum assemble motorcycles and cars. Third world countries should encourage their students to get admission in automotive engineering or automobile engineering for saving their foreign exchange which they spend every year on importing road vehicles. Countries with large population or markets should insist on transfer of technology rather than just establishing assembling plants. These countries will always remain as markets for the developed countries until their rulers change their strategies towards the international trade. Students you can play the role of pressure groups in you countries. Please play the role of catalyst and game changer in your countries.

Automotive is a more than 100 year old field and still your countries can not assemble even engine of motorbike. If you people will not take imitative in this direction now then your countries will remain undeveloped even after 100 year. Its show time so please wake up. After graduation from your own country do go abroad for specialization and try to make a team of like minded students of your country for establishing a automobile or automotive factory in your native country. You guys may also establish a high tech university too. For any of these goals you will have to get practical or academic experience in foreign universities or factories. Nobody from outside will come to help your country. Its your holy duty to become the agent of change in your country. May Almighty help you in your plans. Ameen. is here to guide and help its local and international visitors.

Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering Career & Scope 
Employment Areas
Its a profession with future. Its global profession too you can find job in any country of the world both in academia,research and industry. .
Sports Vehicle Manufacturing Factories
Automobiles Manufacturing Factories
Motorcycle Manufacturing Factories
Heavy Vehicles Manufacturing Factories
Engineering Universities
Vocational Training Institutes
Research Organizations & Journals

Job Types
Development Engineer
Faculty Member
Body Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Change Control Engineer
Acoustics Engineer
Automobile Engineer
Automotive Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer

Personal Attributes in The Field of Automotive Engineering or Automobile Engineering
1-You must has interest in all allied areas of automotive engineering or automobile engineering like Physics, Mathematics, design, control, aerodynamics, electrical, hardware, electronic, mechanical, software, acoustics, metallurgy & safety engineering.
2-Its a field just for innovative and creative minded persons who can easily think out the box for designing new models or trouble shooting.
3-Analytical, scientific and problem solving mentality is required in this field.
4-Remember that third world countries do not need assemblers or mechanics they need true scientist with plans to change the fate of their nation, so students of these countries must go for specialization.
5-Its one of the most wide engineering disciplines so you must be able to devote your all energies for becoming a skilled engineer.

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