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Career & Scope of BA-LLB, Eligibility, Benefits, Jobs, Core Courses & Topics

BA-LLB Eligibility Criteria, Job Opportunities, Benefits, Core Topics, Career & Scope in Pakistan  
Law is a very vast subject and it is impossible for any student to grasp all laws in just 3 years of LLB. That’s why now 5 years BA-LLB program has also been introduced in Pakistan. This program is most suitable for those students who have decided to join legal field after intermediate. Those students who want to appear in the exam of civil judge or any other law officer must also opt this option after intermediate. In fact its an honor program.

Bachelor of Law, Career, Scope, Eligibility,Subjects, Further study options

Career & Scope of BA-LLB, Eligibility, Benefits, Jobs, Core Courses & Topics

BA-LLB program will help you in getting visa for study abroad. 5 years honor degree will show that you are a serious law students and visa officer and admission committee of foreign universities will consider this thing while taking decision about your visa and admission.Even you will not have to face problem of equivalence of your degree with the foreign degrees. BA-LLB degree will also help you in competitive exams e.g CSS and PMS.


BA-LLB is a professional degree which is a much better option than simple BA and LLB. HEC also recognizes this program. Medium of Instruction in BA-LLB degree is English in most local law schools. You will be equipped with all the skills required for becoming a successful lawyer. You will see that in near future BA-LLB degree holders will be preferred on simple LLB degree holders in all public and private organizations.


BA-LLB Eligibility Criteria
Students with second division in intermediate of any stream of studies like F.Sc, ICS, FA, D.Com and I.Com etc can get admission in BA-LLB program.

Program has been divided in 10 semesters of 16 to 18 weeks each. Generally five to six courses are taught in each semester. Total number of credit hours is 166. Course load per semester is 15 to 18 credit hours.


BA-LLB Core Topics & Subjects
Introduction To Law
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Banking Laws
Islamic Studies
Conflict of Laws
Pakistan Studies
Consumer Protection Laws
Constitution Laws
Custom and Tariff Laws
Public International Laws
e-Commerce Law
Law of Evidence
Legal Drafting
Election Laws
Equity & Specific Relief
Environmental Laws
Civil Procedure
Gender and Law
Criminal Procedure
Insurance laws
Administrative Law
Intellectual Property Laws
Moot Cases & Role Playing
International Economic Law
Interpretation of Statues
International Humanitarian Law
Research Project
International Institutions
International Trade Law
Islamic Commercial Laws
Labor Laws
Criminal Laws
Land Laws
Corporate Law
Law of Property
Law and Development
Law and Energy
Local and Special Laws
Law of Contract
Media Laws
Elective Subject
Islamic Jurisprudence
Mergers and Acquisitions
Logic & Reasoning
Minor Acts
Indo Pakistan History
Islamic Legal Maxims
Legal System of Pakistan
Public Interest Litigation
Skills Development
Securities Regulation
Shipping and Admiralty Laws
Political Science
Taxation Laws
Telecommunication Laws


BA-LLB Career & Scope
Civil Judge
Legal Advisor
Public Prosecutor
Judge of different subordinate courts of High Court
Excise Department
Income Tax Department
Legal Inspector
Legal Reporter
Legal Writer
Law Branches of All Public & Private Organizations
Banks & Financial Organizations
Investigation Agencies
LLM, Bar-at-Law and PGD are the best further study options after BA-LLB. Visit and its facebook page for guidance about different law degrees.