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Career Scope of Community Medicine in Pakistan, Jobs, Pay, Subjects, Institutions

What is The Scope of Community Medicine in Pakistan? Career Counseling on Jobs, Salary, Topics & Institutes in This Field
The field of community medicine, it is the important and essential sub field of the medicine field line. To improve the health status, as well as to maintain and protect, this is what this field all about is! If any of the health care issues are affecting negatively to certain number of communities, then the professionals from this sector usually come and give their input. On this post, we will give you the complete details on the career scope side of this community medicine line which has gained attention in Pakistan. Furthermore, reader will come to know which job types he can choose, he will get an idea of pay figure information. Even more, the list of courses and institutions offering these community medicine studies, these details are mentioned also over here.


Career Scope of Community Medicine in Pakistan, Jobs, Pay, Subjects, Institutions

Career & Scope of Community Medicine in Pakistan
If you are one of the community medicine professionals, then you work in the government hospitals, private hospitals. You can serve in the medical laboratories, research institutes, local and also international team centers.

These professionals can work as scientific curator, scientific writer cum publisher, gene analyst, research scientist or there are also many job options which are all the time open by this field line people.

Pay Stats of Community Medicine in Pakistan
For the beginners, you will get the salary of Rs 50000.
And when you start getting experience, then this field line will start to offer you the monthly salary and pay of Rs 150000.

Courses, Subjects Details of Community Medicine in Pakistan
In this field, you will study extensive kinds and types of subjects, like you will study the subjects of anatomy, biochemistry, principles of community health. The student will study regarding the courses of drug education, medical physiology, introduction to environmental health, forensic science, toxicology, pharmacology basics.

Then in your degree tenure, you will be given chance to study the course line and subject lines of medical pathology, health education, demography, sociology, community opthalmology, community mental health, controversial issues of community health.

Institutes Teaching Community Medicine Studies in Pakistan
If you want to study this subjected sector and field, then enroll in these universities and have your community medicine studies completed and they are National university of medical sciences NUMS Rawalpindi, The university of Faisalabad. You can even choose Isra University Islamabad, Dow university of health sciences Karachi or you can select Institute of public health Lahore, Institute of health and management sciences Islamabad, Postgraduate medical institute Peshawar.

Hence, this is all the collected information on this field of community medicine. Hopefully you have got the basic information. This is a new, latest and interesting field which has become the part of Pakistan medical sector as well. Introduce yourself with this program and become a community medicine professional. Stay tuned with us and we will highlight and inculcate, indoctrinate more of the medicine field subjects to you. Keep connected always.