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Career & Scope of Computer Engineering or Computer Science

Career & Scope of Computer Science/Computer Engineering.Information Technology (IT)  Jobs, Career, Scope, Eligibility, Required Skills

We are living in the age of computer and internet. Computer engineering is the only short cut through which we can compete Western developed countries. India has excelled in software engineering, while China is now leading the hardware computer engineering. We have very talented youth with great talent in IT and computer field. There are basically two kinds of computer engineering or computer science i.e software engineering and hardware engineering.

Career & Scope of Computer Engineering or Computer Science

Career & Scope of Computer Engineering or Computer Science

There is a great scope of both theses kinds of computer engineering/Computer science. You must opt the field of your choice as per your interest and aptitude. It is one of the rare fields where your expertise matters more than your degree or degree awarding institute. A self learner skilled person can get different international certificates and diplomas. You must have interest in any field of computer engineering otherwise you can not succeed in this field.

There are many sub branches of two main branches of computer engineering/computer science. You need to chose your area of specialization very carefully at Mater level. One wrong decision at this stage can destroy your future career. So ignore scope and opt a field in which you have natural talent and interest. A person never have to work throughout his life in the field of his interest. He can do wonders due to his devotion in that area. Only few people of the world understand this reality, you may be one of them.

Computer engineers are self employed persons as they can earn money online while staying at home. Thousands of freelancers are earning money online at their own conditions. So just try to get maximum knowledge about your field. Its one of those fields where you will have to stay in touch with latest researches and trends in the market throughout your life, so become an active member of your field’s related associations, and forums for receiving alerts about latest research in the field of computer engineering.

Although your skills matters more in this field yet you should try to get a regular degree from a recognized university. At get a bachelor level degree for better future prospects.

Computer Engineering is an ideal field for Eastern and Muslim women as this field provides females an opportunity to earn money online from home. You may also earn foreign exchanges for your country as an IT or hardware engineer. Those who have creative writing ability may launch their own websites for making money online. Business lovers can start their own business with very limited capital. Hardware and software engineers can also get jobs in many public departments as now a days every country is working e governance projects. Free lancers can get projects from Odesk, Elance, Freelancer and many other freelancing websites.

Bachelor degree holder should also go for international professional short courses and diplomas. They may also go for distance learning master level degree programs. Even diploma holders in these fields can get reasonable jobs on the basis of their skills. We highly recommend you to try for finding a internship during your studies period as it will help you in finding a job of your choice immediately after your graduation. We have written detailed articles on scope of software and hardware engineering. Interested students must read both these articles.

Eligibility Criteria
A candidate must have got at least 60% marks FSc Pre Engineering, ICS or FA General Science for getting admission in both kinds of computer engineering. Clearing the entry test is also mandatory for admission in majority of universities.

Required Qualities
Good Command on Mathematics/Physics
Keen interest in your field
Problem solving ability
Good concentration and communication skills
Ability to work as a team member
Analytical and leadership skills
Strong decision power
Basic information about both fields of computer engineering i.e hardware and software engineering.
Love for latest technology
Skills to discover and invent new things
Hold on information technology
Interest in web development, modeling, electric circuits, electronics, electrical engineering, design, computers, mobile applications, software development and research.

Jobs, Career & Scope
A computer engineer can get job in various filed like
Web development
Software houses
Hardware system design
Government IT departments
Research Institutes
Computers manufacturing companies
Tablets manufacturing factories
Smart phones manufacturing factories
Hardware industry
Software development industry
E-Governance departments
Networking companies
Bushiness companies
Vocational Training Institutes
Data processing departments of various departments
Software development companies
Aeronautics industry
Computer hardware system designer
E Commerce industry
Chemical plants
Hardware assembling and maintenance companies
Programming engineer
Commercial Organizations
Telecommunication industry
Net working companies
E-Commerce Websites
Smart devices manufacturing industries
Automobile Industry
Space science industry
petroleum industry
High Tech Industries
Power plants
Bio medical Science

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