Career & Scope of Computer System Engineering-Introduction, Jobs, Core Topics & Benefits

Computer System Engineering – Definition, Introduction, Jobs, Core Subjects, Benefits, Tips, Career & Scope in Pakistan & All Over The World

If you have interest in computer then computer system engineering should be your first choice as the demand of competent computer system engineering is much higher than normal hardware and software engineers. In fact computer system engineering is the combination of computer networking, hardware and software engineering. This field covers all aspects of computer hardware, software and their integration. Computer system engineers work in industry as trouble shooters, net workers, designers of new hardware and developers of software. Of course they specialize in one specific area of their interest. Its a bit difficult but very rewarding field.

Career & Scope of Computer System Engineering-Introduction, Jobs, Core Topics & Benefits

Career & Scope of Computer System Engineering-Introduction, Jobs, Core Topics & Benefits

Degree in computer system engineering will ensure your foreign immigration or work permit. We always recommend our visitors to first think about career in computer system engineering field than any other career option as we are living in the digital era, where soon IT will become the necessary for all fields of life. This field will open door of unlimited jobs for you in all walks of life very soon. You will even be able to earn money online while staying at home. You may also be able to start your own e business with zero investment. In second quarter of 21st century a person having no knowledge about computer will be considered illiterate. Those who want to excel in information technology (IT) field/industry must come towards computer system engineering. There is not a alternative of this field in IT industry. My younger brother is computer system engineer and he has reached from 15000 per month salary to six figure salary in just 3 years. Now he is developing Pakistan’s best online testing website for

Core Subjects & Topics
Information Technology
Data Structures
Algorithms and Computing
Digital Image Processing
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Logic and Sequential Circuit Design
Computational Theory
High Performance Computing
Compute Hardware
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Database Engineering
Programming Languages
Integrated Circuits
Network Communications and Distributed Systems
Signal and Image Processing
Communication Systems and Networks
Computer System Architecture
Digital Signal & Image Processing
Software Engineering
Electronics & Electric Circuit

Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope
You may work on following positions.

Job Types 
Computer Network Administrator
Professional Programmer
System Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Individual Digital Components Manufacturer
Part of Academia
PC Component Manufacturers
Government, Academia and Industrial Researcher
System Integrator
Senior Engineer
System Innovator
Computer System Analyst
Blogger or Web Development

Employment Areas
Here is the list of employment areas for you.
Software Houses
Stock Markets
Net Cafes
E-Governance Department
Freelance Websites
Blogs or Web Portals
Financial Institutions
Educational Institutions
All Kinds of Business Houses

In short all talented students of IT must specialize in computer system engineering. Read our articles on information technology (IT), software, hardware and computer engineering for further guidance. Visit, its sister portal and their facebookpages daily for career counseling about top engineering disciplines.


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