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Career & Scope of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, Intro, Jobs, Programs, Tips

Career Counseling Tips About Scope of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, Introduction, Job Options and Degree Programs
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies is a field for those students who have very high ambitions in life. Degree and skills in Diplomacy & Strategic Studies can ensure your bright future both in public and private sectors. Diplomacy is a delicate and sensitive art, which is required in the officials of foreign ministry, politicians, policy makers, NGO activists, and journalists too. After getting degree you can work at policy making level.

Its an ideal subject for those students who want to appear in competitive exams for joining the foreign service. This field is specially recommended for female students. Majority of students have no idea about great scope of this study line. Strategists and diplomats play very important role in making and implementing the useful strategies and policies for their nation. They work at policy level and in the field too. They monitor the results of their strategies for making more effective policies in thee future.

Career Scope

Career & Scope of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, Intro, Jobs, Programs, Tips

In Pakistan both MSc and MA degrees are available in the field of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies. Certificate and diploma courses are also available. Preston University and University of Punjab are offering masters program in this field. International Relations, Security and Strategic Studies and Defence & Strategic Studies are three best alternatives of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies field.

Key Topics & Subjects of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies
Here is a short list of key subjects and topics taught in the MSc or MA programs in Diplomacy & Strategic Studies;
Theory & Practice Of Diplomacy
Conflict & Conflict Management Strategies
Strategic Policies of Super Powers
International Political Economy
Strategic Issues of Foreign Policy
Study Of Major Disputes In Global Politics
Role of International & Regional Organizations
Insurgency & War Politics-Conflict Resolution
Terrorism & Latest Counter Terrorism Techniques
Evolution Of International Politics – Post WW 2 Arena
Contemporary Issues In Diplomacy & Defence Strategy
National Power & Threat Perception
International Relations
Public Policy
International Laws
Strategic Dynamics Of Different World Regions
Muslim States & Societies
Research Methodology
Nuclear Proliferation & Its Impacts

Career Scope & Jobs
You can become diplomat after clearing CSS exam.
NGO sector is also a good option for you.
You may also work as an analyst in different fields.
You may also become a writer, researcher and journalist.
Electronic media also need the services of experts of the diplomacy & strategic studies as script writer and anchor person.
You may also join media cells of different organizations and government departments.
You can also join teaching line as lecturer.
You can serve any department as a strategist.
You can work as a content writer in news websites.
You can also apply for jobs in many international and regional organizations like UNO, WTO (World Trade Organization, UNESCO, ILO, IMF, WB, WHO, Arab League, African Union, SAARC and European Union.

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