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Career & Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)-Jobs, Introduction & Eligibility

Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) in Pakistan & Abroad-Job Opportunities, Introduction, Career & Eligibility Criteria

Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) is also a new medical degree in Pakistan. Holders is this undergraduate degree can also use the prefix of dr with their name. All FSc Pre Medical students join this line just to the honor of becoming doctor, specially female just want to get the title of dr as unfortunately majority of them do not enter in professional career after marriage specially in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)-Jobs, Introduction & Eligibility

Career & Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)-Jobs, Introduction & Eligibility

Few years before only very limited options were available to Premedical students after FSc and A-Level for becoming a doctor. But now you guys have many options other than MBBS and BDS, Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) is one of them. There are many other options too for those students who want to get the title of Dr at any cost. We have written a detailed article on this topic i.e “Alternative options of MBBS & BDS after FSc Pre Medical & A-Level“.

What is Rehabilitation Science?
Rehabilitation science is in fact a sub branch of Physiotherapy or Physical therapy as it is just related to rehabilitation process after any accident. Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) prepares the patients to lead a normal life after accident. He basically plays the role of counselor and exercise guide. He suggest best exercises to his patients as per their individual conditions. He assists the orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists in the rehabilitation process of a patient. You may also call it a physical medical science. Doctors of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) have to coordinate with the orthopedic surgeons till the final recovery of their patients. They can even suggest further surgery options to the orthopedic surgeons. Rehabilitation of a orthopedic or accidental patient is a team process and Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) is an important member of this team.

Eligibility Criteria For Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) Program
Fortunately till now you just need to get 50% marks in FSc Pre Medical for getting admission in Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) program. Its a ten semester program and duration of each semester is six months. Total duration of course is 5 yeas (168 Credit Hours). Imperial college has launched Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) course first time in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)
Government Orthopedic & General Hospitals
Bio-Medical Industry
Special Children Schools
Health & Fitness Clubs
Private Practice as a Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS).
Education Sector
Private Rehabilitation Centers
Gyms & Training Centers
Sports Clubs
Local & International Teams
In Western countries even old houses and orphan houses hire the services of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS). DRS degree holders are welcomed by foreign countries for work permit and immigration.
In short a Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) can work in all those places where people are at risk of injury or accident from their occupation/profession or activity.

I know that you will not believe it  that our local pehalwan knows many tricks and tips for rehabilitation of injured persons, you guys should not take them as your competitors, as they will provide you topics and even help for research in rehabilitation field.

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