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Career & Scope of Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad Tips, Jobs, Branches

Engineering Scope in Pakistan & Abroad, Definition, Career, Jobs, Branches, Super Tips, Degrees, Eligibility Criteria & Required Skills  
You may call the engineers technologists or applied scientists who apply the scientific knowledge for inventing, designing, building, maintaining, researching. They also improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials, and processes using their specialized knowledge. Now we are living in a age of specialization so engineering has also been divided into may branches and sub branches. One can become a master of maximum one branch of engineering in his life due to unlimited knowledge of each branch of engineering.

Basically there are just 5 branches of engineering i.e chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering, but there are many other engineering sub-disciplines subjects that have been derived from concentrations, combinations or extensions of five major branches of engineering. Here is the list of some most popular disciplines of engineering.

Career & Scope of Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad Tips, Jobs, Branches

Career & Scope of Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad Tips, Jobs, Branches

2-Aerospace Engg
3-Agricultural Engineering
4-Artificial Intelligence
5-Biomedical Engg
6-Applied Engg
7-Chemical Engineering
8-Civil Engg
9-Computer Engg
10-Computer Hardware Engg
11-Electrical Engineering
12-Electronics Engg
13-Electronics Engg
14-Environmental Engg
15-Industrial Engineering
16-Manufacturing Engg
17-Marine Engg
18-Material Engg
19-Mechanical Engineering
20-Metallurgical Engg
21-Mining (Petroleum) Engg
22-Nuclear Engg
23-Software Engg
25-Aeronautical Engineering
26-Telecommunication Engg
If you do not have special interest and talent for any engineering discipline then choose the one of the major discipline due to their wider scope.

You may enter in any engineering filed through following two routes.
BE/BSc Engineering
MS Engg
Ambitious, research minded students and those who want to join teaching line must go for MS Engg and PhD.

Eligibility Criteria
For admission in DAE (Diploma in Associate Technology) one must has passed matriculation exam with science subjects with minimum 50% marks.
For admission in BE/BSc Engg you must have got at least 60% marks in FSc pre Engineering or A-Level. ECAT test is also compulsory for the students who are willing to get admission in BE Engg of any discipline in Pakistan. But if you will like to take admission in any foreign engineering college like in China or Russia then there is no need to take ECAT test. Consult PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) before taking admission in any foreign university.

Jobs, Career & Scope
Its an highly paid profession through out the world and you may easily get job in following areas.
Your Related Industries
Industries related to your sub disciplines
Poly-technical Colleges
Engg Colleges
Cottage Industry
Related government department
Civil service
Armed Forces (Technical Wing)
Public sector industries
Scientific Journals
Research Institutes
Quality testing and related laboratories
Heavy Industries
Manufacturing plants
BE degree is also very helpful for foreign immigration but we will not recommend it you as brain drain is one of the root causes of our all problems.

Required Abilities
1-You must have good knowledge of computer and internet.
2-An urge for research and knowledge is also required.
3-Logical and analytical minded person can easily be successful as an engineer.
4-Hard working and managerial skills will pay you in long run.
5-Good communication skills, flexible and adaptive nature will benefit you a lot in your career.

1-Never get admission in a discipline of engineering just due to its scope, you must go for a field of your interest.
2-Must search an internship during your studies, even accept internship without stipend for getting practical experience in your field. It will help you a lot in finding a job of your choice immediately after your graduation.
3-Associate engineers (DAE diploma holders) must go for B.Tech and BE for better future prospects.
4-Try to improve your computer and internet expertise as much as you can.
5-Get the membership of all professional organisations of your field and attend their meeting and seminars regularly for staying in touch with latest research