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Career & Scope of FA General Science in Pakistan-Subjects, Tips & Jobs

Intermediate of General Science FA Gen. Science Subjects, Super Tips, Benefits & Jobs
FA General Science is the third most popular intermediate level course after FSc Pre Medical and FSc Pre Engineering. FA General Science has more scope than general FA, I.Com. D.Com, DIT. DBA and even ICS, but if you are interested in IT then go for ICS. FA General Science provides you many options for further studies, but you will have to select the set of subjects very carefully as per you interest.

Career & Scope of FA General Science in Pakistan-Subjects, Tips & Jobs

Career & Scope of FA General Science in Pakistan-Subjects, Tips & Jobs

You will have to study compulsory subjects of English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies in FA General Science. Following sets of elective subjects are offered in FA General Science:

1-Math 2-Stat 3 Economics

1-Math 2-Economics 3-Computer Science

1-Math 2- Physics 3-Computer Science

1-Math 2-Computer Science 3- Statistics

Students who want to take computer science as their major subject at bachelor level should go for set containing the subjects of computer science and mathematics. Third set is the best option for such students. Those who want to go for B.Com, B.Com IT, BBA or any other management and commerce related degree after FA General Science should avoid third set. First option is an ideal selection for such students.

Jobs, Career & Scope
Job Types & Employment Areas
Data Entry Operator
Junior Banker
Sales and Marketing Staff
Social Worker
NGO Worker
Home Tutor
Junior Coordinator
School Teacher
Volunteer Services
Business Related To Computer
Junior IT Expert
Junior Programmer
SEO Expert
Junior Web Developer

One month course of SEO and Web Development is a recommended course for you as it will make you a professional blogger, SEO expert and a self employed person, but we will insist that you must get at least bachelor level degree in the filed of your interest for enjoying more career opportunities.

Students who love science subjects and they fail to get admission in FSc Pre Medical, FSc Pre Engineering and ICS, should go for FA General Science as it will reconnect you with science subjects at Bachelor level. MSc degree is offered in all subjects of FA General Science like Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Physics. You must make your mind about your further study option before choosing the subject set of FA general Science. Remember that at the time of taking this vital decision your heart will matter more than your brain.

Listen the voice of your inner self as you can perform well only in the area of your interest. You must read our articles on all undergraduate programs for taking best decision. We highly recommend you to get admission in the local government college only as majority of private colleges are using unfair means for getting extraordinary results in board exams. If you are hardworking student and have talent then you may get good marks in boards exam while studying in a public college too. Stay in touch with the best career counseling website of Pakistan i.e and its facebook page for guidance about all HSSC level courses.