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Career & Scope of Horticulture-Definition, Job Specification, Degrees & Required Skills

Horticulture – Jobs, Introduction,  Job Specification, Degrees,  Required Abilities, Career & Scope in Pakistan And Abroad   

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture which deals with the cultivation of vegetables, flowers medicinal and ornamental plants. In short its a field of biology or agriculture related to vegetable garden plant growing for the purpose of research, social use, landscaping, business and personal use.   Its a science/technology as well as a art. Experts of this science are called Horticulturists.

Career & Scope of Horticulture-Definition, Job Specification, Degrees & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Horticulture-Definition, Job Specification, Degrees & Required Skills

Horticulture – Job Specifications or Nature of Work 
1-Horticulturists use latest agricultural technology to cultivate useful plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, algae, ornamental trees, berries, flowers, seaweeds, turfs, medicinal plants, mushrooms, sprouts, herbs and cash crops. Majority of them also enter in the business of above mentioned green items.
2-They cultivate cash and food crops for following purposes
Personal Use
Environmental Protection & Beautification of Atmosphere
3-They use their skills and latest technologies for improvement of plant growth, yields, quality, and nutritional value.
4-They work for landscaping of gardens and mainlining the plant nurseries, botanical gardens, public parks and green houses.
5-They arrange floral exhibitions and competitions.
6- They maintain public parks, historical gardens, lawns of public and private buildings.

Horticulture – Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope in Pakistan And All Over The World 
Employment Areas
Here is the list of few employment areas for horticulturists.
Universities & Colleges
Golf Clubs
National Parks
Different Government Departments
Agricultural Farms
Botanical Gardens
Public Parks
Historical Gardens
Agricultural Research Institutes
Botanical Labs
Horticulture Department

Job Types
Here is the list of major job types for horticulturists.
Senior Gardener
Forest Officer
Government Servant

Horticulture – Required Abilities
1-You must have interest in nature, agriculture, botany, planting and arboriculture.
2-Good aesthetic sense is also required for landscaping of gardens.
3-Ability understand the needs of clients.
4-Willing to stay away from home in farms, forests and fields for long time.
4-Good analytical, IT, observation and data collecting skills.

Horticulture – Courses & Degrees
Degrees BSc to PhD level degrees are available in horticulture in Pakistan, Latest technology and research have made this field very wide so try to get at least master level or equivalent degree in Horticulture for rapid career growth like MSc or BS. Those who have interest in research or they want to get administrative level posts or lecturer post in a university or a reputed college must go for MS/M.Phil or PhD level degree program. Horticulture is a professional subject which will also help you in business too.
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