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Career & Scope of Information Security, Introduction, Benefits, Jobs & Tips

Information Security – Introduction, Benefits, Job Opportunities, Golden Tips Career & Scope in Pakistan And Abroad

Internet has now become the necessity of everyone. It has brought an information revolution on our earth. Now everyone can get information about any topic free of cost from Internet. With the spread of Internet large number of information security issues have also raised. Hacking is has become a profession. Hackers try to hack all kinds of online accounts of everyone. They have developed latest techniques and software for hacking websites and on-line financial accounts of Internet users. Its a fact that at present the hackers are more in quantity then the information security experts.


Career & Scope of Information Security, Introduction, Benefits, Jobs & Tips

Career & Scope of Information Security, Introduction, Benefits, Jobs & Tips

Hackers of rival countries hack the websites and accounts of their opponent country. They take it as a national obligation. Some international powers are also patronizing the professional hackers. No one is safe on Internet from hackers. That’s why there is a great demand of information security experts in all countries of the world. Information security has become the best specialization field for software engineers and developers. Its a highly paid profession. Many websites give high reward to the individuals who point out flaws in their security system. Banks, financial organizations and online business companies also hire information security experts. Cyber crime units of different investigation agencies like FIA, Police, Intelligence agencies may also hire your services.There is a great demand of cyber security teachers all over the world.

After MS and PhD you may also join academia. Its the most complex but thrilling filed of computer science. All e-commerce websites need to hire you. There are unlimited number of such sites in all countries of the world. Its a field of computer genius, who love to accept challenges. Due to student of a ever-changing field you will have to stay in touch with latest development in your main and all allied subjects.

Its a fact that software project management & information security are the two best specialization fields for software engineers and developers. Information security has more scope than software project management. Indian and fundamentalist elements of our society hack lot of government websites each year. Many international intelligence agencies like RAW CIA, Mossad, Khad and MI 6 are also trying to get the access in our national database.

That’s why we also need large number of information security experts. Its the field which can make you a cyber soldier of Pakistan. Counter hacking is not a crime as its the reaction of a action. Professional hackers will also contact you, but i ensure you that as an information security expert you can earn more money. Julian Assange should be your role model in this field. Yes, some times you will have to hack the websites of negative organizations for having experience about the weak points of different kinds of websites, so that you may be able to counter latest hacking techniques. Stay in touch with for guidance and career counseling about different sub fields of software engineering & computer science.