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Career & Scope of Information Technology (IT)

Scope of Information Technology in Pakistan and Abroad 
Information technology (IT) is the fastest and easiest way of career and nation building. Yes, even if a country want to progress rapidly like India, it should promote IT (Information Technology) education. Information Technology (IT) is a wide subject, but you can build your career in this field even just with some short courses. If you have interest in Mathematics then learn web development & programming. There are 2 options for the students having good academic record in Mathematics i.e PHP and ASP. Both these are programming languages and you can learn one language in six months to one year only. I personally recommend PHP to the students who want to learn a programming language through a short course.

Of course you will have to learn HTML, J Query, MySql and CSS too. In a web development course all these courses are included. I personally know many of my students who changed their career path on my advice even after Masters due to unemployment and learned a programming language and now all of them are on job or running their own business. Yes, IT (Information Technology) makes you a self employed person too. You can earn money from home by getting projects from elance, odesk and free lancer. Here i make it clear to all of you that in information technology (IT) field your skill matters more than degree. I will describe it in detail later on in this article. Of course the best recommended option is BCS but not mandatory at all.

Students who are allergic with mathematics and programming can also enter in the field of IT (Information Technology). Such students will have to learn just 2 basic courses i.e WordPress and SEO. You may master WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in just one month. You can develop a professional website with the help of wordpress and SEO will help you to improve the rank of your websites.

Career & Scope of Information Technology (IT)

Career & Scope of Information Technology (IT)

Now you can make websites for your clients and even can make your own websites if you have good creative writing skill. You can earn money from your own websites through adsense, affiliate marketing, infolinks and selling services. Although i do not like to quote my own example and you know that even i have never disclosed my name on my website as i hate self projection. But today i am giving my own example just to give you confidence. Basically i am a lawyer, but i also have B.Sc, DHMS, and M.Sc Pakistan Studies degrees. I could not adjust in legal profession due to my nature and joined government service as a gazzetted officer but after two years due to some personal issues, i resigned from the government job. Now i was jobless, but my brother who is a software engineer advised me to learn WordPress and SEO to launch my own website as he knew that i have good general knowledge and little bit of writing skill. I resigned from government service in November 2013 and after completing both these courses, i launched my own websites in February 2014. After one year has become one of the most popular educational websites in Pakistan. Now we are are going to launch many useful websites in future.

One of my class mate in these courses was BCS engineer this proves that skill matters more than degree in IT field. Now I am guiding the students and earning foreign exchange for country through Google Adsense and infolinks. I am earning more money than my ex salary. Then why you people can not do this.Here i will like to clear it that i have never studied Mathematics after Matric.

I focused on just one aspect of earning money online in this article, there are many other ways too on which we write articles in our earn money category. Graphic designing and networking courses have also great scope. Last per not least if you are unemployed do try this option (IT). For further guidance about IT read our following articles too.

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