Career & Scope of Islamic Banking and Finance-Introduction, Jobs, Tips, Courses & Degrees

Career & Scope of Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan & Abroad-Introduction, Jobs, Super Tips, Courses & Degrees

Islam is a complete code of life. There is no option of usury (Bank Profit) in Islam. Islam has its own complete and unique economic system. No other religion of the world has such a complete economic system. Alternative of Communism is not capitalism at all. Both of these systems are the part of problem rather than the part of solution. Islamic economic system is the true and best alternative of both these so called economic systems. Islamic jurists have researched a lot on Islamic banking and finance. They have developed a complete interest free Islamic banking system.

Career & Scope of Islamic Banking And Finance-Introduction, Jobs, Tips, Courses & Degrees

Career & Scope of Islamic Banking and Finance-Introduction, Jobs, Tips, Courses & Degrees

Large number of banks in Islamic countries have adopted this system. In Pakistan Meezan bank (Islamic Bank) has become the rapidly growing bank. Bank Islami and Dubai Islamic Bank are also growing with a great speed. Almost all commercial banks including National Bank of Pakistan have established their Islamic banking branches in almost all major cities of Pakistan just due to unbelievable success of Islamic banks in the country. Its a fact that all the Muslims are fundamentalists by nature. They believe in their faith and principles of Islam from the core of their heart and try to follow them too. Here by word fundamentalist i just mean true practicing Muslims who believe on fundamentals of Islam.

The same is the situation all over the world. Will you believe that UK is now patronizing the Islamic banking. You must read the details about Al Rayan Bank UK on Wikipedia. Its just one example as in 2014 UK had s complete Islamic banking organizations. Other western countries are also following the example of UK to attract the Muslim customers who prefer Islamic banking all over the world. Its also a reality that capitalism is going to collapsed very soon. Do you know its reason? If no then remember that survival of the fittest rule applies on our daily life. Islamic banking system is the best and that’s why it has a bright future. Soon in your lives Inshaa Allah you will see that how Western banking system will collapse due to its own

Career & Scope
Career in Islamic Banking will ensure unlimited jobs for you in near future. It will also give you 100% job satisfaction. Due to heavy profit Islamic banks offers more handsome salaries than general banks. If you have interest in research then its a best option for you as still there is need of lot of research in this field. Many Islamic jurists have raised serious objections on current model of Islamic banking. Unfortunately majority of them have pointed out flaws in this system but have not recommended solutions for them. Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan and his team of Bedar Pakistan have researched a lot on this topic. Research minded students must read his books on Islamic Economic System.

Dr Amjad Saqib has also presented a successful model of true Islamic banking. We are hopeful that his organization Akhuwat will soon launch a true Islamic bank in Pakistan. These two great people should be your role model in this field. Many other local and international Islamic organizations are working on Islamic Banking and Finance.You may get job in these organizations as research assistant. Remember that for research you will have to think out of the box. If you will restrict yourself to only one school of thought of Islam then you can never reach on your goal. Abul A’la Maududi is my ideal who used to say that all Islamic school of thoughts have some good things except Qadianiat. So expand your vision and do research objectively.

Courses & Degrees
MBA/MSc Islamic Banking and Finance are the best recommended degrees for you. Many institutes are also offering diploma and certificates in this field. All MBA, BBA, ACCA, CMA, CA, MCom, MA Economics or any other degree holder in finance/commerce and economics must go for PGD in Islamic Banking and Finance for opening new windows of jobs for them. Research minded students must go for MS/MPhil and PhD degrees. Last but not least enter in this field just due to fear of Allah not for the sake of secure future. May Almighty Allah bless you in your career. Ameen. Visit and its FB page daily for best online career counseling.


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