Career & Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication

Comprehensive Career Counseling About Mass Communication And JournalismĀ 
We are living in the world of electronic and print media. Journalism and Mass Communication are the best humanities subjects today. There is great scope of Journalism now a days. Mass Communication have broader scope than journalism. In our country journalism is taught from Bachelor level. One should opt this subject in BA as it will broader your vision. BS Journalism is better option. One thing i will like to clear that just by studying Mass Communication you can not become a successful professional journalist. Its a rewarding profession but it also requires continuous hard work.

Career & Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication

Career & Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication

You need to improve your general knowledge, communication and writing skills too. After the boom in electronic and social media the employment opportunities in this field have increased a lot. It is recommended to study the journalism in English and join English newspaper or magazine as the English media groups offer more competitive salaries than the Urdu newspapers. If you want to enter this colorful world of media then go for BS or MA Mass Communication. Higher qualification can increase the career options for you.

It is also recommended to go for MA English or MA Urdu to improve your writing skill in these languages. Initially you will have to suffer in this line but if you will pass this training period successfully with patience and hard work then you can earn money and fame both later on. Media has become a great power and being the member of this elite community, you will enjoy power, relations and respect too. Try to increase your public relations too as it is the key of success in the Mass communication field after academic skills. Elective paper of Journalism has just 100 marks in CSS exam but this subject can be helpful for you in many other optional and compulsory subjects.

Mass Communication is not only a subject it is the source of fun, thrill and entertainment too. Being topper in BA journalism from GCU Lahore i can assure you that its an easy and interesting subject which can give you confidence and promising career. But if you have no interest in reading books and Journalism is not your passion then its not the field for you. You can succeed only in the field of your interest. Its the key principle of career counselling and success in professional life. For getting a reasonable job after graduation you should try to get some internship during the study period. Females must study Mass Communication as its a best subject for women empowerment.

Career & ScopeĀ 
Job Types
Sub Editor
Public Relation Officer
Feature Writer
News Caster
Art Director

Employment Areas
Fashion Industry
Universities and Colleges
Private TV Channels
FM Radio Stations
Event Management Companies
Film Industry
Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines, Digests etc)
Electronic Media
Social Media
Publishing Houses

After some experience you may also start your own magazine but before doing so learn the marketing skill first. We have written a detailed article about “how to become a successful media person” and if you are thinking to chose this field then do read it. If you are interested in fashion industry then read our article “how to become a successful fashion designer“. If some one has interest in social media then read our post “how to become a webmaster“. We are always here to reply your queries. Feel free to ask any question about career counseling. We shall try our level best to guide you about different career options.






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