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Career & Scope of Manufacturing Engineering-Jobs, Benefits & Required Skills

Manufacturing Engineering-Jobs, Benefits, Eligibility, Required Abilities, Tips, Institutes, Alternatives, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad
Manufacturing Engineering is the most applied engineering field. Its is all about manufacturing of all kinds of finished goods. If you are interested in getting a job in any industry then you must go for either industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering as only these engineering disciplines are related to all industries and manufacturing processes. Remember that each industry is established to produce a certain product that’s why you can get job in any industry as a manufacturing engineer.

Its a broad engineering field where you need to have knowledge about all allied engineering fields like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, industrial, material, computer, electrical, electronic, metallurgy, bio medical, mechatronics, agriculture and automobile engineering.

Career & Scope of Manufacturing Engineering-Jobs, Benefits & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Manufacturing Engineering-Jobs, Benefits & Required Skills

Why Study Manufacturing Engineering? Benefits 
1-Its a professional engg field which ensures secure future for you in all engg fields.
2-If you are a job conscious person then you should either go for manufacturing engineering or industrial engineering.
3-This field will make you a multidimensional engg scientist, who can perform good in various industries.
4-Research in this field will also open lot of doors of employment for you in various fields of engg sciences.
5-We have written a detailed article on Industrial Engineering, you must read it for further guidance.
6-Its the field for creative minded persons who have unique ideas in their minds.
7-Its a unique discipline of engg which is associated with research, design, production and development.

Manufacturing Engineering – Jobs, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Here is the list of some most popular areas of employment for you.
1-Aerospace industry
2-Automobile industry
3-Mechanical engg field
4-Chemical industry
5-Textile Industry
6-Computer hardware industry
7-Electronics industry
8-Rubber Industries
9-Food processing industry
10-Ready made garment industry
11-Pharmaceutical industry
12-Pulp and paper industry
13-Plastic industries
14-Toys industry
15-General manufacturing Industries

Job Types
You can get following types of jobs in the field of manufacturing engineering.
1-Research assistant
2-Information systems managers.
3-Business consultant
4-Operations research analyst
5-Junior engineer
6-Engineering technician
7-Instructor & shift in charge
8-Industrial engineer
10-Manufacturing engineering & scientific writer
11-Production In-charge
12-Engineering manager
13-Manufacturing supervisor

Required Skills
If you want to study manufacturing engineering then you must have following qualities.
1-Interest in basic sciences and major engg disciplines most importantly industrial engg.
2-Strong communication and problem solving skills
3-Ability to guide the juniors
4-Urge to work for industrial growth of his country
5-You should be able to solve the real world problems.

Eligibility Criteria/Institutes/Alternatives
You must have passed FSc Pre Medical or any equivalent exam with at least 60% marks. Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is also mandatory for you in Pakistan. Many universities in Pakistan are offering manufacturing engineering course in Pakistan. Best alternative of manufacturing engineering is industrial engineering. Both these engg fields have almost equal demand in job market.

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