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Career & Scope of Matric Tech in Pakistan, Intro, Syllabus, Jobs & Comparison

All You Need To Know About Matriculation Technology or Matric Tech, Advantages & Disadvantages, Books, Jobs, Future, Further Study Options & Comparison with Matric Arts & Matric Science
Matriculation, or matric for short, is the minimum level of education required to enter college in Pakistan. It is also a prerequisite for most entry level jobs & further study options.



Matriculation can be completed in two years through either a government school or a private institution. The government schools in Pakistan are free to attend, but are often overcrowded & have low standards. Private institutions are more expensive but offer better facilities & teaching staff.



The benefits of completing matriculation include improved job prospects, higher wages & greater social mobility. It also provides the foundation for further study at a higher level.

Career & Scope of Matric Tech in Pakistan, Intro, Syllabus, Jobs & Comparison

Career & Scope of Matric Tech in Pakistan, Intro, Syllabus, Jobs & Comparison

There are many different job options available to those with a matriculation certificate. These include positions in the government sector, police, private sector & the armed forces. Many private companies also require matriculation for entry-level positions.



What is Matric Tech?

Matric Tech is a type of vocational education that focuses on preparing students for a specific trade or occupation. It is often seen as an alternative to traditional academic education, as it is more hands-on and practical in nature. Matric Tech programs typically last two years & students can specialize in areas such as carpentry, plumbing, automotive repair, and electronics.

Benefits of Matric Tech?

Matric Tech is a unique program that provides students with the opportunity to learn about & experience different aspects of the manufacturing process. The program also helps students develop important life skills, such as time management, problem solving & teamwork. In addition, Matric Tech provides students with a competitive edge when they enter the workforce.



The Drawbacks of Matric Tech

There are many drawbacks to matric tech that can make it difficult for students to succeed. One of the biggest problems is that the curriculum is often too difficult for students to understand. This can lead to frustration & even quitting altogether. Additionally, the pacing of matric tech can be too fast for some students, making it hard to keep up. This can also lead to students feeling overwhelmed & stressed. There is one more disadvantage of Matric Tech that you can not get admission in F.Sc pre medical. Finally, the cost of matric tech can be prohibitive for some families, making it difficult to access the education they need.



Syllabus of Matriculation Technology in Pakistan


English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Technical Drawing and Mathematics are compulsory subjects in Matric Tech, while students have to chose a one technical subject for example Computer Science, Auto Mechanic, Electrical Appliances Repairing, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Welding, Electronics, Electrical Instruments, Tourism, Hotel Management, Cooking, Cosmetology (Hair & Beauty Services), HVACR, Graphic Designing, Internet of Things, Tailoring & Dress Making & Plumbing. Matric Tech program is approved by IBCC.


Boards of technical education and FBISE conduct the exams of Matriculation Technology. Students must have passed the 8th standard exam from a recognized school for admission in matriculation tech. Exams of 9th and 10th are taken separately by the board. Remember that syllabus, subjects, curriculum and books of FBISE and PBTE are different from each other. In matric tech by FBISE you will have to choose two technical subjects along with compulsory subjects of General Science and General Mathematics.



Jobs After Matric Tech

There are many opportunities for jobs after matric tech. One can pursue a career in the medical field, or work as a mechanic, technician, plumber, tailor, beautician or electrician. There are also plenty of opportunities for jobs in the IT field.

What We Study in Matric Tech?

Matric Tech is the study of how to design, build and repair things using mathematics and science. It covers a wide range of topics, from the very small (nanotechnology) to the very large (cosmology). It also includes everything in between, such as the study of automobiles, dress making, electricity (electronics) and mechanical fields.



Further Study Options After Matric Tech in Pakistan

There are a number of further study options available to students after completing their matric tech in Pakistan. These include studying at a technical or vocational college, university or private college. Technical and vocational colleges offer courses that lead to qualifications such as diplomas and certificates, while colleges typically offer short courses and higher certificates like DBA, D.Com, ICS, DAE, FSc Pre Engineering, FA & I.Com for students after matric tech.



Matric Tech Vs Matric Science

There is a big debate in Pakistan about whether Matric Science or Matric Technology is more beneficial. Both options have their pros and cons, so it really depends on the individual student’s needs & interests.



Matric Science is seen as being more academic and providing a better foundation for tertiary studies, while Matric Technology is more vocational and focuses on practical skills. Both options offer a wide range of subjects, so students can choose to focus on areas that interest them the most.



The bottom line is that both Matric Science & Matric Technology can lead to successful careers, it just depends on what the student wants to do with their life. If they are interested in any technical field then Matriculation Technology is best option for them and if they want to study in medical stream then they should study matric with science subjects.

Matric Tech Vs Matric Arts

Matric Tech is much better options for students in Pakistan after class 8th than matric arts as matriculation technology prepares the students for any specific trade. They become skilled persons who can earn money after SSC.



Future of Matric Tech in Pakistan

The quality of education at the secondary level has been declining in recent years. In response, the government has been working to improve the quality of teaching and to better prepare students for university. One way they are doing this is by offering more technical and vocational courses at the secondary level and matric tech is one of the them.



The future of matriculation in Pakistan looks promising. With the government’s commitment to improving education, and with more and more students taking advantage of technical and vocational courses, the quality of education is likely to improve. This will lead to more students being able to attend university and get good jobs, which will in turn help to development.

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