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Career & Scope of MBIT Degree in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects

What is The Scope of MBIT Degree in Pakistan? Career Counseling Tips, Pay, Core Subjects & Job Prospects
This MBIT degree program stands for master of business and information technology. This program has gained immense attention among all Pakistani students. Here through this post, you will know and understand the career and scope aspect of this MBIT degree in Pakistan and you will know about jobs prospects, salary information and subject details. This is the post graduate degree and it comprises duration of two years. If you have passed your BBIT degree, then you can admit in this MBIT degree for sure. This degree tells us about that how can you manage your business operations by using the latest techniques of information technology IT.


Career & Scope of MBIT Degree in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects

Scope Details of MBIT Degree in Pakistan
It is all because of the advancement made by the field of computer science and information technology that this program of MBIT master of business and information technology has gained massive fame in Pakistan. The trend of online business and online marketing cannot be neglected. It is for this reason that this field is introduced. These IT experts have the potential to manage the platform of e-commerce. That is why they get better and perfectly adjusted into this field line.

Its a dual kind of degree which will open career options for you both in IT and business field. You will be able to apply IT softwares in your business. Remember that in 21st century no business can flourish without entering in the era of information technology. You may also get job in both of these fields. Your career growth speed will also be faster than your counterparts. In fact MBIT degree has been designed for those individuals who want to excel in the their career with great pace. Only talented and hard working students should get admission in MBIT degree program as here you will have to become master of two fields.

Job Options And Salary of MBIT Degree in Pakistan
If you have this degree of master of business and information technology, then you can choose these options for yourself and they are marketing director, accounts officer, record analyst, financial officer. You can be working as financial analyst, general operations manager, project manager of information technology, database management analyst as well.

These MBIT degree program professionals, they beginners are mainly earning in between the figures of Rs 40000 to Rs 50000.

Subjects Offered in MBIT Degree
If you are enrolled in this MBIT degree, then the subjects which you will study,they are principles of accounting, e-business strategies, economic analysis, information technology strategy. You will study these important courses which include the subjects of database management system, object oriented software engineering.

Then the student of MBIT degree will study the subjects of commerce behavior, group dynamics, total quality management TQM, quantitative techniques, electronic business, accounting system, management accounting, internet marketing, interactive marketing, strategic supply chain management.

Which Universities Offer MBIT Degree in Pakistan?
If you are interested in studying this degree of master of business and information technology, then you can choose these universities which are Swabi University, University of Peshawar, University of Central Punjab, Minhaj University of Science and Information Technology

You can even be in Islamia university of Bahawalpur, Sargodha University, University of Management and Technology, Global institute of Lahore as they offer this degree program.

This is all information on career & scope of  MBIT degree in Pakistan, if you are interested in studying this degree, then share your experience. Other degree programs and their updated details will be shared too, it is time to learn something new and enter in a new field line world. Keep connected with us.