Career & Scope of MIS (Management Information System)-Definition, Degrees & Jobs

Scope of Management Information System (MIS)-Introduction, Degrees, Jobs, Benefits & Career in Pakistan & Abroad
MIS Introduction
MIS (Management Information System) experts develop and monitor unique computerized database of financial information programmed in such a way that it can produce daily, weekly and monthly reports on progress and operations of each level of management in an organization.

Career & Scope of MIS (Management Information System)-Definition, Degrees & Jobs

Career & Scope of MIS (Management Information System)-Definition, Degrees & Jobs

Information technology has now entered in the field of management and business administration too. IT has made management very easy. Now a manager or team leader can get regular reports on financial development and working of lower management. MIS (Management Information System) experts are trained for this this purpose. You may call an MIS expert manger of managers.He can manage the whole business through his laptop.

Degree in MIS provides the students most demanded blend of management and IT. MIS will develop information based decision making skills in students. Students are prepared for a career in management cadre with expertise of managing the financial information and lower management through IT. Banking, Telecommunication and FMCG sectors are progressing very quickly and these sectors need the experts of MIS in large quantity. MIS graduates obtain skills in general management, functional business, programming, leadership and information technology. MIS skills make the students more marketable to potential employers.

Courses & Degrees in Management Information System
BS, MS and MBA MIS are the most popular degrees in the field of Management Information System.

MIS Core Topics & Subjects
Computer Information Systems in Business
Business Information System
Operating Systems
Principles of Marketing
Business Math. & Statistics
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Applied Problem Solving And Programming
International Information Systems
Data Resource Management
Management of Technology And Innovation
Business Communication & Report Writing
Data Communication & Networks
Principles of Management
E-Commerce Strategies
Visual Programming Tools MT
Technology Management
Internet Development Technologies
Oracle IT
Information Security, Audit& Control
Financial Accounting
Methods of Business Research
Strategic Management
Object Oriented Programming
Database Management Systems
Cost & Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Business Finance
Implementation of Information Systems
Data Communication and Networking
Software Development Methodologies
Financial Management
ERP Implementation
Software Engineering & Project Management
Information Systems Infrastructure Management
Information System Audit

MIS Jobs, Career & Scope
Its my personal advice to visitors of that now you should get admission in nontraditional and emerging fields degrees of modern time.
Software Houses
Corporate Sector
Business Houses
Financial Institutions
Telecommunication Sector
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) Sector
There is great demand of MIS experts in all foreign countries. Degree in MIS can win foreign work permit and immigration for you too. Last but not least MIS is rapidly changing field and you will have to stay in touch with latest development in your field through out your career.We recommend you to go for at least master level degree in Management Information System. Remember that we try to respond each and every valid query of our readers. Visit the best career counseling website under the sky i.e also visit and like our facebook page.

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