Career & Scope of Nanotechnology, Nanoscience or Nanotech Engineering

Career & Scope of Nanotechnology/Nanoscience/Nanotech Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad- The Greatest Future Technology

Nanotechnology is a future Technology. Nanotechnology has brought many revolutions in our life. Its a field for research minded and innovative students who want to excel in life. Its a complicated and complex technology with lot of benefits and uses. This subject has close relations with chemistry, biology, robotics, physics, materials science, quantum mechanic and different field of engineering.

Definition of Nanotechnology or Nanoscience
Nanomaterials and nanoparticles are used in nano technology for different uses. Basically its a future technology executed on the scale of less than 100 nanometers. This future technology helps us in controlling the individual atoms and molecules, especially to make chips and other microscopic smart devices for computers, laptops, smart watches, smart mobile phones etc.

Career & Scope of Nanotechnology, Nanoscience or Nanotech Engineering

Career & Scope of Nanotechnology, Nanoscience or Nanotech Engineering

Why Study Nanotechnology or Nanoscience
1-Its a future technology and you will get unlimited job opportunities.
2-You will get 100% job satisfaction as Nanotech engineer work to serve the humanity.
3-Research lover can get job not only in academia but also in high tech industry. We highly recommend you to go for PhD degree in Nanoscience as its a research based field where you need maximum knowledge about your field and modern research methods for excelling in career.
4-Students of Muslim countries should opt this subject to bridge the gap between West and East in the field of high tech sciences.
5-Those have craze for inventions must become a Nanotech engineer.
6-You may easily get work permit and immigration of foreign countries too.

Who Should Study Nanotechnology 
1-Students who have interest in high tech industry and future technology.
2-Research minded students
3-Foreign job lovers
4-Who have study habit.
5-Innovative mindset with ability to think outside the box
6-Those who are more interested in job satisfaction than any thing else.

Jobs, Career & Scope Nanoscience or Nanotechnology
No other engineering field has more scope than nanotech engineering in future. Lot of high tech and smart devices are being invented every day. You may get job with handsome salary and lot of fringe benefits in numerous industries. Just take interest in this field and try to get maximum higher degree in the field. But if your are just interested in easy to go 9 to 5 job only then kindly skip this option as here you will have to learn throughout your life. You may get job in following key fields not only in Pakistan but also abroad(We do not recommend second option at all. You may go abroad but after getting immigration for securing your future come back to your country.)
International scientific & research journals
High Tech scientific research laboratories
Academia (Colleges and Universities)
Robotics Industry
Auto & aerospace industries
Biotechnology field
Laptops & tablets manufacturing industry
Smart devices manufacturing industries
High tech arms industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Al high tech Nanotechnology industries

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