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Career & Scope of Nuclear Engineering-Tips, Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills

Nuclear Engineering- Super Tips, Jobs, Definition, Introduction, Benefit, Required Abilities, Career & Scope in Pakistan & All Over The World
Albert Einstein was the first scientist who proved theoretically (E=MC2) that matter can be converted into energy and vice versa. J. Robert Oppenheimer used his theory to make the first ever atomic bomb. World can not forget the role of these two scientists in the field of nuclear engineering. Till now 8 countries have openly claimed that they have atomic power. Every one knows that Israel is also an atomic power but UNO and world powers have closed their eyes towards the atomic program of Israel. Iraq was attacked as so called super powers had reports that Iraq was preparing the weapons of mass destruction.

Career & Scope of Nuclear Engineering-Tips, Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Nuclear Engineering-Tips, Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills

Nuclear force can be used both for constructive and destructive purposes. Guilty mind of super powers compels them for not to allowing the have nuclear technology even for peaceful purpose. In fact all the countries of the world should be allowed to use to atomic power for the generation of electricity. UNO should take initiative for making our world an atom bomb free planet. Otherwise different countries will continue their struggle for making atomic bombs. Remember that after the third world war, we will again enter in the stone age with unseasonable complexities.

Nuclear engineering is all about the processes of fusion and diffusion. Diffusion is a process related to creation of atomic bomb where as fusion is a process related to creation of hydrogen bomb. Till how we can only control diffusion process for the generation of electricity. It is expected that within 21st century man would be able to control fusion process to generate huge amount of energy/electricity. After that expected success human beings will be able to run the factories and automobiles without the help of natural resources like oil, gas, coal and shale gas.

Although Pakistan has become the one and only Muslim atomic power in the world, still its the first step towards the atomic technology. We still need of experts of nuclear engineering for further research and development. No Pakistani student is given admission in the field if nuclear engineering in Western countries. So now its the duty of students of other Muslim countries and overseas Pakistani students with dual nationality to come forward in this field . Your ideal Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has already set an example for you.

Jobs, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Atomic Bomb Plants
Atomic Energy Plants
Uranium Enrichment Plants
Nuclear Medicine Research Institutes
Radiation Departments of Hospitals
Nuclear Engineering Research Institutes
Colleges & Universities
Nuclear Engineering Research Institutes
Nuclear Engineering Research Journals
Medical Labs
Cancer Hospitals
Medical Imaging Technology Labs (X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI etc)

Job Types
Nuclear Scientist
Lab In-charge
Atomic Researcher
Atomic Scientist
Scientific Atomic Writer
Nuclear or Atomic Engineer
Research Assistant
Project or Shift In-charge
Head of Radiology or Nuclear Engineering Department
Medical Researcher

Required Skills
You must have keen interest in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering.
You must have interest in peaceful use of atom and world peace.
You should be smart enough to get admission in allied subjects of nuclear subjects as Western universities have banned admission in the field of not only nuclear engineering but also in all related subjects for Muslim students.
Research, analytical, out of the box thinking, and strong communication skills are also required for success in this field.
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