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Career & Scope of Pakistan Studies

Why Study Pak Study? 
There is a perception in students that Pak Study has a limited scope. There is no use of a higher degree in this subject abroad. Its a totally wrong perception as Pakistan is one of the most important countries in the world. All super powers and international media groups have great interest in Pakistan affairs. its the only country which is fighting against terrorism successfully. It has defeated the Russia and now USA need its help for a safe exist from Afghanistan. China needs our ports to rule over world. Pakistan is the only king maker state in the world. No so called super power can even think to avoid us. We are going to be a global power in future Inshaa Allah. Its my prediction, kindly note it. Pakistan


Career & Scope of Pak Studies

All Muslim countries see towards us in their crisis period. Our geographical position is vital for the peace in the world. At international level global print and electronic media need the service of experts of Pakistan affairs. At local level Pakistan Studies is taught up to graduate level as an compulsory subject. So you may get job from school to universities. I am too the student of MSc Pakistan Studies from Allama Iqbal Open University where following subjects are taught.

MSc Pak Studies Subjects 
Pakistani Languages and Literature
Genesis of Pakistan Movement
Economic Development in Pakistan
Foreign Policy
Our Ideological Foundations
Pakistani Society and Culture
Research Methods
Social Change
Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan
Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan

All these subjects makes your an expert of many fields like History, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Geography and local languages. A higher degree in Pak Studies helps you a lot in CSS and PMS, specially in the papers of Pakistan affairs, History, Political Science, Geography, General Knowledge, Sociology and International Relations. Thats why MSc or MA Pakistan Studies is most recommended degree for the students who want to appear in competitive exam like PCS, CSS, PMS or even NTS, ETEA and departmental recruitment tests. Due to good general knowledge you may also join print and electronic media. But if you want to get a job at international level then go for MPhil and PhD. You may also become a writer. Any graduate can get admission in MSc Pak Study which is a two years distance learning program of AIOU. Some universities are also offering regular degree in MA Pak Studies.

Islamic Studies and Pak Studies lecturers are required in all colleges and universities. One of my college teacher who had MSc Pakistan Studies degree, used to teach History and Political Science too and college administration was paying him extra salary for this. Majority of articles of is written by me just because of the fact that MSc Pak Studies has incrreased my general knoledege a lot. You just name a topic and i will write an article on it in just one hour.I do not claim that my grammar will be good but by the grace of Almighty Allhah i do claim that my articles will be informative. I stood first in a recruitment test of government department, just because of MSc Pak Studies. This degree has widen my vision that’s why i strongly recommend you to think about this option. AIOU is offering MSc in this subject and you know that suffix of MSc with your name impresses every one. Being a patriot too we should study Pak Studies. Visit us and our facebook page daily for reading articles on best career options for you.