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Career & Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan & Abroad

Physiotherapy has a great scope in Pakistan and abroad. Even matric with science students can enter in this field getting admission in 2 years Physiotherapy technology course. But better option is 4 years BSPT (Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy) and DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy). We have written a separate article about the career and scope of DPT. Interested students must read it too.

What is Physiotherapy and What Physiotherapist Do?
Physiotherapist bring back the accident victims from painful and motion limiting conditions to normal life with the help of medicine, exercise, modern equipment, electrotherapy, ultrasound (High frequency waves that produce heat), hot packs, and ice.They also treat the patients of paralysis and polio. They help such miserable patients to get their disabled body parts work again. You may also call them rehabilitation specialist. They also develop fitness and wellness-oriented programs for women, sportsmen obesity patients, and athletes. They examine the patients and make a road map/plan for promoting body movements, reducing pain, restoring organ function and preventing disability.

Career & Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan & Abroad


Career & Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan & Abroad

They also cure the children who have issued related to delay in physical development. Muscles and joints of such children are weak. Physiotherapists use the techniques of balance and coordination workouts, stretching exercises, ultrasound therapies and electrical stimulation on the weak parts of kids to help them for building normal physical strength. Physiotherapy is also very helpful in physical disabilities, musculoskeletal disorders, crippling diseases like arthritis, gout, lower back pain and cerebral palsy. Disable children are taught to cope and function within their limitation in the rest of their lives. Patients of cardiopulmonary and neurological problems also need this therapy. Ergonomics, athletic training, strength training, bio-mechanics and physical conditioning fields are very closely associated with physiotherapy field so you can use your expertise in these fields too.

Career & Scope
Although DPT degree is becoming very popular among students in Pakistan still the competition level in this field is much lower than MBBS and BDS. You can set up your own clinic. In initial stages you may have to suffer but with the passage of time your practice will be successful. You also need to improve your marketing skill for running a successful clinic. Almost all private and government hospitals hire the physiotherapists. Orthopedic hospitals need their services more. Rehabilitation centers for the handicapped and fitness clubs also hire physiotherapists. Spots teams and physiotherapy equipment manufacturer factories and shops can also provide you job.

Even army need to hire physiotherapists to treat the injured soldiers. Schools of physically disabled (special) children, gyms are some other employment areas for you. You certainly have seen the quack (Pehalwans) in your cities who are too earning lot of money without having any degree or knowledge. This shows that still there is a lot of space for qualified physiotherapists. You can earn lot more money from abroad specially in Western countries as it is the most paying profession in developed countries but we do not recommend it as brain drain has already harmed our country a lot. Psychology has very deep connection with physiotherapy so we recommend you to get diploma in applied psychology too.

Who Should Study Physiotherapy ?
Those who want to help humanity by serving patients.
Those who want to join the doctor’s club
Those want job satisfaction along with handsome income
Those who love clinical practice and white gown
Those who want to work with most modern technology
Those who have kind heart
Females who want to earn money from home
We have just focused on some key points. Feel free to ask any question which arises in your mind about career and scope of physiotherapy in Pakistan and abroad.



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